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Saturday, November 17, 2007

kk so parents went off ytd.. off to CHINA!!! hmmm... have been feeling veri bad dese daes. vomit, nose bleed. haiz.. den ytd nite wasn't a nice nite.. quarrelled with him. i felt so upset over sth he sae abt me. but i reli hope he will one dae understand tt i hav a reason for doing everything.

i appreciate that u understand wad i wrote on the blog.. things are gd lyk last time. its great that now its back to last time when i noe i nid someone ur der for me. :) thx from the bottom of my heart i thank you.

bran... i hope u will understand me better, at least understand that i hav my reasons for doing certain or most of the things. its not jus for me alone.. its also for u. im trying veri hard to get u wadeva u wan, wadeva u nid. i reli tried le.. i dono how long i can live to keep myself werking w/o rest nor w/o falling sick. but im trying to save every cent i hav or left. i look at things in a bigger view. hope u see it lyk me too. <3

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