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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reena = attitude 100% + respect (????)

wad happens if ur family practices biasness and favoritism? ur parents dotes ur siblings and the rest of the family practices guys are being more treasured and valued. so what will u do to survive in such family? life is nv fair. yup i agree cos my life do not have the word fairness in my dictionary.

my grandparents, aunts and uncles from my mum side are probably the only one who really loves me and understands me. well at least they do not practice biasness and all. once someone tells me that if i wanna survive in such family, i must learn to speak up, stand up for myself and do everything on my own. cos i can nv expect anithing from them.

so yup i learn to protect myself by being defensive,sensitive, full of crap, full of attitude, temper hot, damn vulgar and all. but does anione ever tot that this is wad i wanna be? which nutcase would like to be like this? ya i admit i have all this but who can i blame? my family? no i don wanna blame anione.

i tried to change, but ya its jus not easy to change ppl's impression abt me. even if i have change, but jus one mistake that i made ppl's impression will jus switched back to wad i am last time. if wanna tell me my mistakes i can tk it if u come tell me face to face. i appreciate that duck pointed out my mistake during the game jus nw, tell me i shouldnt dump the ball anihow. point taken.

my attitude got nth to do with whether am i a club player or wad. im brought up this wae, born with it. if wanna tell me my mistake jus come to me and tell me, i'll accept it. i only have to sae i've tried my best alr to change and all. but its not within my control.


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