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Monday, November 19, 2007

sat trg... eat tgt wit rigel, wen, gerri, bran and the rest b4 each head separate ways. trg was ok cos i was veri late due to me having nose bleed in the morning. haiz.. played 3-on-3 tgt wit wileen and wenwen. haha was fun.. shahmeer got his shoulder dislocated man.. he told me 4 cm from the original position!!! omg.. ouch! worried for him cos APAC is jus gonna be 2-3 wks awae.. hopefully he can recover soon.. kor kor rest well!!!

sun early morning went down to tiasa.. was looking for my blade. think its time for me to start playing wit my unihoc stick again. hmmmm... so wanna thank my dear who's gonna pay the blade for me first ahaha.. and played fball tgt with the national guys. was super tiring can! but fun too. learnt something from filip when he was talking about the various options do doing the free hit. was amaze by how the ang moh guys can play such fantastic fball when i watch the video.. fruitful morning.. so later head down to werk but must thank my skinny coach ruyi for giving me a lift :) werk was quite slack lor. super sian cos its raining so heavily so slack thru my wae till 8 pm den head down to meet hazmi to get the blade and met ben. den was dinner and head hm.

its nice talking to you on the phone u noe? i jus love to talk to ya. i miss u everydae.. :)

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