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Thursday, November 29, 2007

silly Wednesday--> so many things happened today. here are the list of things that happens.

1)class todae wasn't too bad. slacking today.
2)breakouts todae was fun too.. :) its gd to eat with frenz and disturb one another.
3) i start to realised that im so much more nervous nw when i do my presentations. dono why isit so but i just don do as well as last sem.
4) lyk i jus ealised onli todae that i forgot gg for the module selection thingy.. best tml must choose liaoz. yet i lyk damn headless.
5) went trg todae. short frenly match went pretty well. im super lazy i have to admit and im not even running as hw i alwaes did.
6)after a long dae, s.things finally came back in my mind again. i jus wanna sae "fuck it"

hmmm.. nw tt im blogging i realized that its not like alot of things happen leh. but why do i feel lyk there are so many things gg on todae? here's sth i wanna reali vent my anger on. things changes so much for me. im gg thru a terrible time actually which nobody sees. i alwaes have this decision on my mind and i've been thinking for so long n finally when i have decided on it, everything changes again. uncertainty have mislead me to a no man's land and jus as i tot hope has arrived, it was taken awae. everything seems lyk im the one who wanted things to happen, made it look so one sided. i felt totally silly, stupid and being played out. so does tt make u happy?a sry sumtimes do werk. but nt in all situations. at least not in this case when u literally smashed my decisions into pieces. so der u are~ have it! take a piece or every pieces of my stupidity and foolishness with you~!

so right nw, im fucking pissed off. so if u eva appear in front of my sight these few daes, i think u better get out from my sight and don let me see u. cos everytime i see u i felt so stupid and all the foolishness swamping up! u noe who u r, so ya get it into ur head that u made me hate u..


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