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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

so my lesson hav finally ended.. agony sia.. don even understand a single shit abt todae's lessons. lyk i told some of my frenz all i heard is velocity, velocity and more velocity.. CG, CG and more of CG!!! faints.. haha

ya so todae's rj is abt how productivity am i today in the lesson. haha.. i will sae im so bloody productive can~! let me tell ya wad i did the whole day.
1)come sch at ard 945am
2)went canteen slack @ 10am
3)meeting 2 msn-ing lyk nobody biz. [faci sitting beside me and i still typing and smiling whie typing.] acting lyk i understand and nod head, nod head and more of nodding head.
4) break out 2. go chit chat wit my fball mate at canteen. hmmm great chat.
5)went back class @ 215pm still hav no knowledge abt lessons.
6)play game till my turn to present. [still playing games even my turn presenting]
7) continue my gaming till end of lessons. den head to canteen met my mates.

yup.. so im lyk so damn effective and productive right? yay.. pretty much impress with myself lor haha. so nw here i am blogging while my frenz are all busy eating. well whr shud i go after this? wad shud i do.. i dono leh. maybe go see fball awhile den decide agn.. tired n backache.. eyes so painful n dry. its telling me to slp nw.. maybe go hm slp. zzzz

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