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Friday, November 23, 2007

tis week is floorball week.. 5 daes a week im playing fball.. den sch, den werk. haiz.. so no life la.. but wad to do.. ivp coming and must train hard.. plus plus.. frenly frenly and more frenly. so my back hurts cos i had a fall from wed's frenly.. sianz..

so tml got skools trg and im gg lor.. hmmm lyk so long i haven been trg wit skools so its time to go back.. kinda miss it lor.. league coming also haiz.. lyk so mani things coming up.

sundae got 3-0n-3 at sentosa and ya my aim is lyk 4th can liaoz.. hehe.. contended enuff. hopefully my back doesnt hurt.

today's game was cool.. nice and great. not even much or pushing and slashes.. haahaa i simply love playing this kind of game. i think we played well so is wilson. though he buang one gal off but he did block quite a few shots :). so go gals.. keep it up.
wah damn tired la.. gg slp liaoz.. nid to wake up early tml.

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