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Thursday, November 15, 2007

WAHAHAHAHAHAH~!!! i super proud of myself wokay todae.. hehehehe *a pat on my own shoulder* hmmmm i nv even have ani tots of skipping class todae, nor did i don understand la! its lyk WOW!!! so i manage to understand and explain to my teammates.. heheh i felt a sense of satisfaction can! aniwae marill its ok gal that u don understand.. i'll help ya if i can. so is the rest of the team and class.. chill gal :)

aniwae so yes WE LOVE MILK LYK HELL!!! hahaha... so wonder wad does it taste to have milk + pearl - tea? haahaa pat u better rmb to bring ur "ahem ahem" u noe.. and marill ur tea too! well jus cant stop the milk tea wave.. its so HIGHHHHHHHH~~~ lalalalala~~~

after school was sth that happen so ong once awhile la.. hahaha FINALLY~~~ all 5 of us frenz + khakis finally came tgt and had dinner tgt. its been so long that we have last sat all tgt and ate and have fun talkin and laughing. i had great times and i wish der are more to come.. :)

off the china tml my parents.. hmmm wanna go send dem off. yup. so no trg for me agn i guess. sry gals. but will be back on mondae :)

hey thx for being der whenever i face a prob and ur der to pick me up. i appreciate it alot. ur special...

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