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Monday, November 26, 2007

wow wad a tiring yet fun dae i had todae at the nebo 3-on-3 fball carnival.

so firstly i wanna sae gd job to TEAM WOW!!! hahaha i think we realli did a fantastic job and played great today.. haha.. thx to all my teammates for the hardwork they put in to win 2nd in the carnival. thx duck, thx wenwen and thx jas..

nest is congrats to all the winners:
1) serena's team
2) hazmi's team
3) keith's team
4) rigel's team

hmmm... wanna sae sry to my teammates for starting the game first w/o me cos i overslept. but u gals did so well winning the first game :) am glad that i've team up with u gals and hope we'll team up again if there is another 3-on-3 next time. its been a tiring week for all of us but still i had fun.. hope u guys did too :D


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