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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

yup so im back to blog. i happened to read some of my frenz blogs. i realised that we're moving so fast and moving so far awae from each other nw.. isit reali a mistake for us to separate class and let our frenship strain apart? or was it that it is gd to make us realised that there are someone out there, a more bigger world for us to see and explore?

i don wanna sae its rite or wrong, but i don lyk changes and I DON WAN ANI CHANGES! yes certain things are gd to have changes but there are also things that i wished it will nv change or have not happened at all. i don wanna spoil or ruin the frenship that we had, a special type and hard to come by relationship. cos not everyone of us can hav someone special and close to you in our lives. this someone impt to me once told me b4 "its hard to hav a fren that u can trust, but if in life we eva have one, its alr a blessing. cos most of the frenz in our lives are all jus normal frenz, but nt the ones that we can have such close and special frenship"

so yup since i left the class tt gives me lots of wonderful memories,i felt that nw my life seems so dull. somehow frenship is no longer der.. but if this person who eva read my blog, i wanna sae this to you that im sry if things have changed but its not wad i asked for nor wad i eva wanted. i din choose to make things happen cos i not god. i noe things can nv be the same agn, but i jus nid u still be my fren, my closes fren. cos in RP its really rare to find anione who noes me pretty well.. don hav to avoid, don have to change so much. it makes me reli uncomfortable and not used to it. it hurts.. reli did hurts me alot. so if u happen to be reading, pls pls.. hope u understand wad im trying to sae here..

if i eva still believes in santa clause reli exist, i wish:
1) will eva recover from diabetes, cos i hav enuf of needles and injections.
2) spend all my time wit my love ones and treasure every moment an memories wit them.
3) live longer. cos i felt i will die very early.
4) get more practical stuff lyk a k800 or 810i nw.. cos my phone kept dying on me. haiz

but santa DON exist..


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