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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yup so todae its a rainy morning. i love rainy daes.. cos everything seems so blur and all outside and it jus blind our visions.. hmmmm rainy daes often make me think back on all the happy and unhappy memories i have. i jus love to sit near the window, here the rain and smell of rain.

ya so back to topic yes i din go sch todae, cos i hav bad cramps and gastric problem.. haiz so painful and the entire nite i kept waking up cos of the unbearable pain and even if i slp i onli manage to get an hr of slp here and der.. damn man.

so i spend my whole morning slping at hm, den wake up first thing was to shower and all la lyk duh! on my baby laptop lor and msn lor wad else. den was chatting till 3 plus. head for another shower den hav late lunch alone den head to sch for trg.

its been 2 weeks and 1 dae since i last touch my fball stick and i think todae i totally suck at it. its jus lyk back to the feeling when i jus recover from my chicken pox earlier this yr. play fball lyk showing all my weakness cos i nv been trg la.. den stamina sucks too. wilson got us run the dono wad test la.. wah lan super tiring and my nose cant beathe thx to the flu and my mouth trying to catch air while coughing too. damn damn damn..

game was alrite. usual 1-2 periods alwaes din reli starts well for us and it will jus gets better onli after we got scored by others first. but by the last 3 periods, we gals did manage to score against dem haahaah. sheryl 1, meimei 3 and peiling 1. yup so final score 5-3 rp.

haiz end of todae, feeling more older cos everywhr is aching and tml i still hav sci UT can.. phiangs..! mummy and daddy will be awae on fri.. wah sian i nw so wanna slp alr. sci ut? sry slping is more impt to me rite nw..


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