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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

so yup.. YESSA~!! fever finally gone and ya tt stupid big TOOTH had already been plucked out.. feel so much better nw, face less swollen as compared to the previous few days lyk pig head (猪头) though still must take medications to stop the swelling, but im a much happier kid nw cos im at least nt in pain and able to eat already.. wahahahhahaha~

previous days was really miserable:
1. fever
2. goggy
3. no appetite
4. don even feel like drinking water
5. cant sleep at all.

so hols starting and im gg back to work again. have a tot of changing a job and i can onli ask if my cuz have any lobang. heard her saying she have tt time. hopefully she still has it. it will be great if still available.

raining nonstop these days. though i love rainy days but its just too cold and even having my sweater on, its still not enuff~! hmmm suddenly i wished that just one fine day the sun will just be out for the entire day den all of us can enjoy the sun..

haiz xmas coming, but im nt a all enjoying it. i don hav anithing wit me nor abilities to celebrate this yr's christmas. my first year studying in RP, not lyk last yr, working n hav the ability to afford to celebrate xmas. haiz guess this yr it will just be another normal day for me.

im missing fball a lot. not becos of the apac, but its just that my wrist just wun allow me to for the past one week plus. but nw it seems alrite already. guess its time for trgs, ivp and the 08 league. its gonna be an exciting one :D

here comes the last part:
congrats on ur winning in the apac. doesnt matter if u have scored umpteen goals or if u don, cause what matters most is have u done ur best? i noe u did and i also noe tt ur veri upset abt the japan game. but its ok.. cheerup :) im so glad that im still part of ur life and watch u play. u may not be the best, mvp or in the all star team. ur time will come and u will shine slowly :D im alwaes here wit ya~ jia you!

oh ya.. thx for coming over from the other end of singapore to my place. u've spent so much and im feeling bad tt ur spending this amt. i noe ur concern and i noe u care too. touched me n my heart and appreciates it wholeheartedly. life nw is so used to have u as part of it. so ya without much to sae.. ur being loved my me..

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