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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

haha.. eva since the holidaes been over.. i've alreadi attended skul for almost coming to one week le.. todae is thursdae and rite now im here in my skul's com lab typing my blog for the past few daes.. skul reopen is definately not a gd thing for mi. well... lets put it this wae, its not lyk i don lyk going to skul and study, its juz dat as exams are nearing everyone in this skul are all so stressed up and geared up... bags are getting heavier and yup mine too.. causing mi having muscles ache all over my shoulders.. but luckily i've my dear to massage and rub my shoulders for me, so i don have to worry.. well tot once my skul starts i'll have less time to meet up wid my darling, but yup haha i've met him for the past 3 daes.. im so glad and felt joyful and a sense of xing fu.. something for u my sweetie.. : firstly im glad im able to see u for the past 3 daes, seeing u alwaes ,akes me brighten up and having u is the most fortunate thing dat happens to me.. its lyk miracle. next is thaknz for all the dinner i had at ur house pls help me thakn ur mum.. dinner was great and yup for ur noodles too though its juz instant noodles but yup it at least keeps me less hungry and most imptly is u cooked de.. the veri first instant noodle.. lastly.. thankz for the rub and massgae u gave me on my hurtful shoulders now its feeling abit better le and these daes both of us are feeling extremely tired with all our trgs and our skul.. also other of ur trgs and presentations and my project and examz but yup we made it thru so far for the past 5mths hope things will work out well for us for our future ahead of us.. kk i got to go now.. for my break u tk kare and don starve ya.. fat anot also must eat k? i'll still luv u de even if ur fat..hahah!! but better not grow fat back ya? see ya baby.. and ya don get injured for ur trials or basketball or hockey and fball trgs.. muackz!"

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Don't let me go -

Monday, June 27, 2005

yesterdae i had frenly match against SIM in the morning.. we won 12-4.. HAHAHA!! den after dat we continued our trg.. oh damn its veri tiring i swear but its fun!!! i lurve it!!! den after my trg my sweet baby buy me some yummy food and i sat dere eat the food and waited for him to finished his trg.. trg ended i went to causewae pt wid him to meet up wid his frenz for dinner for his post bdae celebration.. dinner at pasta mania.. hmmm.. can onli sae OYISHI!!!! gd food and tasty too.. oops forgot to sae: "baby thankz for the dinner yesterdae.. its been reali great especially having u ard" after dinner was tiramitsu cake wid great sponsor from his frenz.. its nice but yup wine.. u noe the taste? hehe.. but after dat was not a veri nice event dat happens.. i gotten angry wid baby cos i felt he was wasting his time dere wid his frenz doing nothing.. i felt dat he cld have been hm to finished up his work or rest instead... haiz.. after dat was quarrels and quarrels.. i cried badly..(not sure if he cried anot lahz..) but after wad had happen yest, i truly noe wad i wan and where my heart reali lies on.. it has all along been lying on the same and onli person and dat is u BRANDON.. my hubby.. i've to sae dat yes baby i said im tired of everytime being disappointed and felt being hurt, i said i felt of letting u go, but i juz cant cos even though i may have the tot of letting u go, but my hands don listen to my animore.. its not within my control animore...my hands... dey juz wanna hold on to ur hands and wanna keep on holding it till end of my daes.. i cant lose u at all in ani case.. huge feelings loomed over mi the whole nite yesterdae and i reali noe dat this time round ur the person my heart, soul and life wiill dedicate to... i nv failed to luv u more every single dae dat have passed for us the last 4 cuming to 5 mths.. my lurve onli gets stronger dae by dae.. nv it gets lesser.. NEVER! *muacks* baby... thkz for all ur luv... i luv u so SO SO SO MUCH!!!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, June 27, 2005
Don't let me go -

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

been to chalet at Pasir Ris... the chalet was not bad... big lahz but its is not wad i exactly looking for... was kind of old, the doors to the room was eh... terrible i would describe, can hardly open.. got tolyk sort of bang the doors down b4 u can get in.. aniwae i'll be dere 4 the next few daes so wun be blogging... now at lao gong's hse using his laptop in front of the fan... cos veri "hot" hehe...yup later will be heading back down to the chalet for BBQ... yeah!!! food here i come.. wanna sae sumthing b4 i got to go..."lao gong wo ai ni.. yong yuan ai zhe ni.. lao po wo zhi ai ni yi ge..." muackz....!!! its reali great to feel you within mi...hehe

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Don't let me go -

Monday, June 20, 2005

todae went movie wid my baby bran.. din expect to go watch movie wid him cos todae is a mondae and yup he had skul todae.. given he had a long dae in skul i expected him to go hm and rest.. but yup.. still we went on to watch movie at causewae pt.. movie title: batman begins.. the fact is i nv lyk batman cos the last few ones i saw was either too fat or too ugly to be batman.. but after todae's movie treat from my lao gong, haha... this batman is the best out of all!!! but no matter wad, the movie was great and the best thing is still getting to catch the movie wid my hubby.. dats the most impt... after movie was dinner..hehe..though is fast food but was nice wasn't bad at all... dear this is for ya: "baby.. u're the best lyk i told u, im lucky and fortunate to hav u and to know u.. thankz for alwaes making my life so colorful.. pls pls now u're not feeling too well and feeling veri tired mentally and physically so pls pls lao gong tk kare of urself.. don overwork and have lotsa rest pls i beg u??? promise mi ke yi mahz...? lao po hao ai ni, hao xiang ni, gan dan xing ni... lao gong knowing u is the bestest thing dat can eva happen in my life. i lurve u sweetie....alwaes.... *muackz muackz*"

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, June 20, 2005
Don't let me go -

Sunday, June 19, 2005

hmmm..seems lyk this mondae os not a gd dae afterall.. firstly one of my sec skul fren had met an accident while riding a bike w/o license.. haiz.. how dumb can he be now got himself and others into his shit.. now he's in coma and ya going for a 2nd op.. hopes he wakes up real soon.. and ya early morning i raised my voice at my beloved baby..felt extremely guilty abt it, but i juz wan him to noe dat i care for him n i luv him.. haiz.. dese daes he haven been havin enuff slp and has been busy for skul, hw,hockey and fball.. i din tell him this but yup juz wan to sae dat i can see how tired he actualli is and it actualli hurts me seeing him lyk this... "darling i juz wan ya to noe dat u're my everything since the dae i've decided to be together wid ya. seeing my fren now lying dere in the hospital bed lying motionlessly, i felt so much and i reali reali realised how impt u're to mi and how much i reali cant afford to lose u or let anithing happen to u.. lao gong i reali luv u alot..pls don let anithing happen to u and hope u trust and believe in me dat my heart and soul belongs to onli u and no one else... muackz i miss u so much wish u're here wid beside me now..."

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, June 19, 2005
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