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Friday, August 05, 2005

well national dae is coming... its suppose to a "yeah!! yeah!!" going on rite now for mi, but too bad for myself i guess.. becos although this hols is quite long, still dere r lyk so mani homework to be completed... ecoms essays, mgt mid year qns, accounts.. 3 heavy subjects to be completed by next thursdae..

apart from the homework, another big big big stress is the project work.. this week finally have completed our survey form.. can go photostat le. but... from 4 in a group now, it seems lyk we're down to 3.. some guy juz cant be bothered and don wanna co-operate.. so during one of my hols, me, jon and jovin gonna go do our survey forms and study for promos.. im not too sure whether i can cope anot but wadeva it is, im gonna try and strive my veri best for the promos and finished this project once and for all. hmmm... next thing is on the written report.. haven start yet and donno how and where to start. hehe... guess have to start from the articles!!

promos is lyk coming so soon.. it seems lyk i've juz finished my mid year.. all the teachers are lyk counting how mani daes we have left and they lessons now are getting more harder and harder.. been studying and doing work regularly at home dese daes after my mid year screwed it up.. hope it helps in some waes..

pesta sukan coming!! haha is lyk so excited lahz.. and cant wad to play! this time round the youth team is gonna play against our all time favourite FAT ROUND SWISS CLUB PINK FLAMINGOES!!!! guess this time round they must be thinking of how to thrashed us cos we won dem this yr in the league! hahaha!! but come to think of it, guess we will win dem lahz again i hope hehe.. the thing now is we still donno who's gonna be promoted to the senior team. dere maybe one, maybe some or even non going up.. but whoeva is moving up to the owls team, she will be playing most prob wid NUS TITANS!!! one of the teams dat is hard to bring down.. hmmm.. wadeva it is.. im juz excited 27th august at Tamp Sports Hall.. i sure wanna win the fat pinkies so is the whole of youth team.. hehe!!!!

well gotta go now.. tk a lil rest b4 i star working again.. finally todae is fridae.. though i nid to do alot of work and trgs dese hols, but im still looking forward to it..

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