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Sunday, March 26, 2006

haha.. nv been blogging again.. (=_=") ok aniwae.. let me start wid the sentosa trip. farah, sheryl, wanie, rene, baze n me went to sentosa for our lil outing.. its fun overall i would sae but.. juz short of the sun.. DERE IS NO SUN!!!!!!! i cant imagine man.. its lyk i've been wanting to go sentosa n go der hav a gd tan. haiz.. too bad guess the sun don lyk me..

din go trg on wed cos was sick.. so was at hm the whole dae.. do nothing but play maple story. LOL.. aniwae its lyk dese daes i've been mapling for the past one week and every dae is lyk slping at 4 or 5am.. OMG! its lyk terrible lahz.. think its time to stop tis terrible habit.. cant maple every nite man.. went trg on thurs.. was fun though haha.. mark seow playing wid the gals. his line no one turn up all got nationals trg.. after trg, something bad happen not to me of cos haiz.. din wanna comment on it. but at least great its all solved..

yest din hav trg so was wondering wad should i do. slept till lyk 2pm den i woke up den saw aisyah jie's sms.. think she's reali bored in skul so she's asking me to go out.. but was suppose to go wid my dear so din go out wid ah jie.. end up meet my darling for grandma's birthdae dinner den head to queenstown eat my fav FISHBALL NOODLE!!!!! ITS SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE!!!!!! den met jase up for some small bites n desserts.

todae had game against the youth gals.. haha.. its kinda fun though but i think i totally screwed up. my play suck, passes suck, cant shoot for nuts.. haiz.. donno wads wid me todae totally off.. emily hasnt been lyk smiling at all since she stepped into the sports hall todae. den something happened den again nothing to comment n i've no rights to comment.. yup. dinner was great i guess cos im too hungry. ate $5 of seafood fried rice.. shared wid my dear dear. i think i ate lyk 4.50 n he onli ate 50cents of the fried rice lahz.. well aniwae im now at home.. resting on my bed wid dear's laptop on my lap.. hmmm.. think i'll slp veri soon.. don think i'll maple tonite..

dear we haven been slping alot every nite for at least the past one week.. hmmm.. maybe its time for us to stop tis bad habit of ms-ing so much le.. aniwae i miss u alot wanna sae i wish we will hav more time for each other. i noe im not studying nw n ur having ur holidaes but still skul gonna lyk start rwanna sae so badly in my heart but i din wanna sae it to u becos i don wan u to think tt im making a big fuss over tis...eal soon.. i hope we will be able to use this few more weeks of ur hols together.. this is something tt i alwaes wanted to sae to u in my heart but i din wanna tell u tis face to face instead becos i din wan u to think tt im making a big fuss over tis matter.. i don wan us to hav ani quarrels animore..

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, March 26, 2006
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Monday, March 20, 2006

19th march
yest had a match against NTU Tempest.. the final socre was 6-1. well i would sae its a gd game n a not bad score for the Owls cos NTU gals reali played hard n rough hehe n they had no double given us a whole lot of pressure rite from the start of the game.. haiz.. one sad thing is tt we don hav a coach der again. mr amir still din turn up at our match he left us all by ourselves n left. feels lyk shit n veri disappointed.. aniwae back to the game itself it definately starts off wid our first period 0-0. we wanted to score so much n who noes? NTU scored their first goal against us.. the first goal of the match. haiz.. tts sure bring my morale down for a moment n not long after tt goal, smelly scored for us! YAY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH....den wanie scored the second.. after tt the 3rd period, we scored another 4 more goals from emily, wanie n forget who liaoz.. oops.. LOL.. but huishan super funny lahz.. she scored a goal wid her NOSE!!! hahahaha.. cant stop laughing lahz me.. but the goal was obviously not counted.. LOL.. after tt had a short briefing n seems lyk serena not feeling happi... wonder wads wrong n if shes alrite.. hope she is.. hope she gets to read tis blog.. smile serena!! next week we're gonna play wid YOUTH.. my former club n teammates. haha.. heard rene not playing she gg overseas.. so damn cool lahz.. RENE!!! MUST BRING BACK NICE GOODIES FOR US OKIE?!! ENJOY UR TRIP!!!

18th march
heard tt youth lost to Pasirian gals 9-2.. well its ok gals though im not der to watch the match, i guess u gals have tried ur best to play.. think they r gg for the playoffs.. hahaha... erm.. r they? well im not too sure too LOL.. well aniwaes see ya gals at the playoffs!! contiune to jia you!!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, March 20, 2006
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Monday, March 13, 2006

it seems to start off lyk ani normal daes.. but the onli thing todae tt doesnt seems rite starts from our game todae. todae we played against United World Collage.. hmmm.. well i hav tis thinking todae tt yes the owls will win but the score line will be lyk maybe lyk last weeks game or something.. guess everyone tot owls will have a easy time to score against UWC tt's y we played to their pace todae.. lyk wad is said"so not the standard and the wae Owls should play or alwaes play" not scoring up to our usual standard is alreadi abd enuff.. ppl are pissed off wid one other on court. wad's worst 3rd der r ppl who din even get to play at all, benched n stuff.. haiz. final score 7-0 to Owls. though we won the game but we're not happi at all.. true enuff its nothing to be happi nor proud of tt we win dem. cos we're suppose to score more than tt yet look at wad had happen haiz.. after game we had a reali serious Owls talk. everyone saes wadeva they wanna sae, wadeva they feel n wadeva they hav been keeping inside their hearts for so long. its gd though.. haiz.. i juz wish Owls will change and most imptly we will tgether be able to bring back mr amir's trust in us gerls and lyk i told serena.. i think we're all so serious tt we forgot tt we should be enjoying our playing on court wid each other and play happi fball. lyk mr amir once said" its ok if we don win, most imptly we enjoy playing fball n enjoy playing wid our teammates.."

everything sucks big time todae.. cant believe tt afterall i've done.. all i can sae is im not taking ani sides n im not those ppl becos im close to u i stand on ur side no matter its rite or wrong.. its so hurtful to hear it from u...

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, March 13, 2006
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

hmmm... its been coming to a month tt i haven been blogging.. ahaha alwaes saes will blog often but i nv even do it lahz. haiz.. lazy lahz wad to do. tis whole 1 month tt i din blog, im lyk sort of gg thru a journey tt i nv tot i will eva go thru..

  1. tis whole im lyk hoping tt the letter from RP will quickly come lahz.. my cuz and my fball frenz has all alreadi noe wad skul n course they gg le. yet im lyk still waiting for the letter lahz.
  2. the old man donno y don wan to bother abt us gals le.. well i totally got no idea y he doesnt wanna bother abt us animore. he don coach us, don turn up for our game and all.. haiz.. damn sad lahz..
  3. emily gave us warning le.. maybe its reali the fact tt we have to start waking up from our own world n realised our mistakes.. haiz..im lyk kinda miss my short daes in youth cos on wed when emily is toking to us so seriously, the youth on the other side was lyk enjoying their own team tok and they seems to be having so much fun.. my head juz kept turing over to deir side n watch dem in envious looks.. how i wish iwls will be lyk the youths one dae..

hmmm... and todae's trg, so many gals din come.. angela left in the middle of the trg. guess she juz wanna play both the guys n the gals games. youth gals din turn up but their 2 keepers baze n safinah came hehe.. todae layed defence wid serena and the forwards hav to rotate n wait for turns to play though.. hmmm.. guess ppl are pissed off playing wid the guys.. esp taufiq. but guess he din do anithing on purpose.. poor wanie fall down n got her ankle sprained agn.. aiyo tis wanie ar everytime falls on the ankle.. lyk jelly lahz. overall todae's trg i wun sae its gd neither its bad.. as usual lahz for me der is alwaes so mani things tt i nid to improved on.. its geting late le.. *yawns* tired.. gg to bed now.. nites to everyone in tis wonderful world..

~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, March 11, 2006
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