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Monday, May 22, 2006

*Yawns* been feeling so tired n slpy dese daes.. maybe cos im not reali feeling well.. hmmm.. i hasn't remember when is the last time i blog n wad have i blogged abt.. haha.. seems lyk age been changing up wae too fast on me.. old le.. i cant remember wad i've done for the past few few daes when i din blog so i decided tt im not gonna blog abt tt part of my life..

yest i went to work in the veri early morning.. so early tt i've to wake up at 7am lahz.. its been lyk mani mani months since i last woken up so early le.. hehe.. went to work n hav my trg n attachment.. not bad though trg still i hav pay for tt.. work was fun n kinda easy.. soon my fren gonna join me at work der.. yay.. work will resume from next sat till the entire june holidae ends.. hope work gonna be so much fun every single dae. so i worked till lyk 330pm.. haha.. den i go hm slp!!! evening i played game for awhile n den.. got so tired i knocked off...

todae i din work so i do hsework.. buy some stuff n had a surprsie for my dear.. dinner mummy cooked alot of dishes..uncle, aunt n my lil fav cuz come over for dinner. hmmm... mummy gg hospital for operation tml tts y she decided to cook everything in the fridge.. hehe.. though im worried abt my mum's op but sstill i cant do nothing juz pray for her.. hehe.. now i tink i've finished blogging.. maybe blog agn next few daes.. tired..

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, May 22, 2006
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

14th may
hmmm.. woke up do the usual stuff den was lyk facing the com the entire afternoon till nw. kinda unbelieavable tt my eyes hav been staring on the screen for so long n i got no idea wad am i exactly doing. guess its juz charging my mp3( the batt kinda faulty alreadi), playing maplestory(veri long nv play le), chatting on msn n doing up other's blog. mummy made jelly again hahaha.. heard from dear tt his mum was veri happi tt the prezzie he gotten for her. so is my mum.. hehe.. thx to dear who choose the pendant. hmmm.. guess im logging off veri soon, neck stiffen le, has to finished the blog first den rest!!! here i come.. think i heard my bed calling me!!! Muhahahaha!!! lastly to every mum is tis world HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

13th may
morning i woke up feeling great cos had a gd nite slp n most imptly, todae i finally don hav to do hsework cos my sister is at hm.. hurhurhur!!! so afternoon i went to woodlands to meet dear, passed him the jelly tt i made yest.. i hope its not too sweet for him cos i tot it was a lil too sweet for me. went for lunch, had alot of fun n laughter n bought alot of stuff for ourselves n for our mothers.. i lyk wad we've bought for each other n i got a pendant for my mum n he got a lil special gift for his mum. canmt stay till late wid him was feeling kinda sad, but hav no choice cos i hav dinner wid my family n relatives at tampines... dinner was ok n after tt headed hm. i went out at 9plus pm again.. n was busy sms-ing my dear till 2am den we're so tired tt we decided to go to bed.. so tired but its enjoyable...

12th may
its a holidae!!!! im at hm doing hsework. went breakfast wid my mum in the morning n den when to the minmart to buy some stuff. i convinced my mum to buy a few packets of jelly powder cos i wanna try to hw make.. hehe.. the whole afternoon its lyk raining cats n dogs.. im lyk in the kitchen, busy wid my trying out making jelly. was doing halfwae n mummy sae she wanna tk over. hmmm.. guess she also cant stand doing nothing so she came over to the kitchen n help out. got no trg so was lyk rotting at hm at nite..

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, May 14, 2006
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Friday, May 12, 2006

hasn't been blogging for mani mnai daes.. hehe.. well hav ben lyk giving tuition, doing fball n of cos helping my mum at home.. but wads more important to me is gg out wid my dear dear.. hehe.. its been 6 daes i din see him till yest.. we went his skul der to eat.. yummy yummy the food der. OMG!! we ate so mani lahz.. hehe.. everything seems juz fine wid him ard...

for u my dear: thx for bringing me out from whr im lost.. though its reli reli such a cruel thing to do by u but u noe me veri well tt its my weakness n u use tt to bring me out from whr i was.. i promise u everything gonna be fine from now onwards wid us hanging on together in all diff kinds of weathers.. muackz!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, May 12, 2006
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yay!!! todae is my 21st birthdae!!! mani ppl sae 21st birthdae is a veri important function n would usually hav a veri big celebration. but for me, i guess its juz lyk ani birthdae i had for the last 20 yrs.. not grant but simple i think.. 21st stands for freedom n adulthood? wad u think? i still tyhink tt no matter hw old we gonna be, we'll alwaes be a lil child in our parents heart...

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, May 03, 2006
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Monday, May 01, 2006

todae im finally gonna stay at hm.. rest n still rest..

1 May
hmmm.. my birthdae is lyk 2 more daes n my sec sch buddies asked me out for early birthdae celebration.. we hav decided tt is labour dae so we shall avoid the ever crowded town n choose to go Hougang instead. sounds reli bored rite but we had alot of fun! we went to tk neoprint first den at ard 230pm, we went to the KBOX at hougang plaza.. OMG!! we sang so mani songs lahz.. but cos im having flu n cough so i din reli sing much.. nuhahaha!!! tis veri one fren of mine actualli kepy singing out of tune! hahahaha me n my other frens juz cant stop laughing... after 4 hrs plus of non stop singing, we finally went for dinner.. dinner was simple n later we went arcade n finally some McDonalds ice cream n milk shake. hmmm.. Yummy! hmmm... they bought me a Adidas sling bag as my birthdae present n pay for my KBOX fees.. hehe.. so pai seh tt they treat me.. but i wanna sae a BIG THANK YOU GERLS!!!! LOVE U GERLS!!!

30th April
todae i went out wid dear. before we met up, he decided to go west mall to look for his phone. hmmm.. true enuff i reali think he nids to get a new phone le.. his old phone is reli getting cranky.. as for me, i went over to my aunt's hse.. met up darling at Bishan Junction 8. i was early so i go look for my sec sch mate who happens to be working der.. finalli he showed up at 4pm. poor him kinda drenched cos his place der raining.. so we walked ard Junction 8 looking for handphone shop n hav some lil snacks to bite before dinner.. Bishan has alot of nice food to eat but i wanna see wad phone he wanna buy so we headed down to Northpoint. we walked up n down the shopping centre n finally WE FOUND THE M1 SHOP!!! its not even lyk a shop is more lyk a stall.. Muhahahaha!!!! i finally saw the samsung n nokia phone he's been pondering abt.. wanna noe abt the details of the phone.. but the salesperson der all lyk so busy.. so we headed down back to west mall again n we finally had a grester detail abt both phones.. dinner was great. ate alot for me i think.. veri full but he ate frog.. OMG!!! its a fear factor for me.. after tt his dad send me hm.

dear lyk i've told u.. todae is the best dae i eva had.. we hadn't had so much fun n laughter le.. hehe.. im so so so happi.. hope from todae onwards, everydae will be lyk todae or even better..

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, May 01, 2006
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