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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

wah.. its been more den a month tt i haven been blogging!!!! hmmm... tis june hols seems so short. i've been working in escape for a month alreadi! oh my.. so fast.. been real busy at work.. but reali fun!!! well i get to meet alot diff kind of singaporeans everydae.. got the generous kind, see look see look kind, full of attitude kind, shy kind.. mani mnai more. not onli tt, i get to intercat wid mani diff countries ppl e.g japanese, australian, american, ppl from the middle east.. also got to noe mani frenz tt is working der.. they're so cool..

its reali great to work der.. everydae looking forward to go to work, see n serve diff kind of customers.. but.. of cos all the fun n work, i'll hav to sacrifice some of my fball trg sessions n frenly matches tt i cant attend.. hmmm.. think im getting more n more lousy.. guess now the hols is over, i should start to attend more of my trgs often unless i've to work tt those daes agn.. :(

well tis is for my dear brandon.. tis hols its been alot of ups n downs for us.. i'll lyk to sae sry i hav to work thruout tis entire june hols, sry i din reali hav alot of time to spent wid u.. but at least we still meet up sometimes rite? i promise i'll meet u up more from todae onwards ya? miss ya alot.. muacks.. we'll make tis relationship betta den eva..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 27, 2006
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