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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

im totally lost n speechless abt wad exactly is gg so wrong in my life tis entire whole month.. haiz.. work has been lyk a burden rather den something i enjoyed at first.. izzit becos of the ppl der or was it juz myself? i donno... guess working is no longer the same animore.. heard from majority of my working frenz der tt they're all gonna quit.. reason being tt they felt tt they are being made use of by our boss.. well sometimes i do felt the same wae too.. i guess i myself also leaving soon.. so nw im lyk looking for another job..

touching on the next topic.. guess its a sensitive issue for me.. [fball] well ask me nothing abt fball.. cos i haveb been gg for a single trg at all since i last played in serena's their line.. i still hav alot more to catch up n improve to play in their line.. they're young n so much more better den me.. not becos the old man pushed me over n gave me a big bruise over at my elbow n shin, its juz tt i felt tt skools trg nw is no longer the same as last time.. not sure y.. i asked myself izzit becos of the few pppl tt attend his trg tt's y is different or was it becos he's in extremely nice mood tt causes his trg to be different? well i donno but im sure i definately don lyk it at all.. been trying to convince myself tt i should go trg but i simply cant.. i donno hw long tis feeling gonna stay wid me but somehow i think i nid to pick up my courage to step into the court again.. maybe [bias-ness] plays a part in y i don wanna go trg.. she's leaving the team for good reasons.. i understand tt.. but i wanna thank her for teaching me n encouraging me n her non stop advice n guidance to me.. still hope tt u will come back to rejoin us again.. guess the team w/o her mite be a lil different..

ppl come n go.. i listen i keep quiet. i don eva go round telling or spread rumours abt wadeva.. u can sae me, stab me, bitch abt me if u hav the prove.. but don eva try to accuse me for things or words tt i've nv said or wad so eva.. get a life..

things had been reali complicated between me n him.. seens lyk we hav nv collided on so much as compared to the last 1yr 5mths... things r getting busier for him.. i working on the weekends n der nv seems to hav time.. guess tis is the main big prob tt it hit us.. maybe its not his fault afterall.. not tt he wanted it neither was wad i wanted it too.. but well we're working it out nw n so far its been cool..

haiz.. been having high fever since sat nite.. but im so glad tt im feeling much better now onli tt im still having unknown headache n backaches.. hehe... wanna thank my him.. for taking kare of me when im so sick.. love u..miss u alots too..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, July 25, 2006
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