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Monday, August 21, 2006

a continuation of my pervious blog.... let me see

WED-> nothing much except having frenly at simei ite wit the gals der.. hmmm.. hav to sae it is reali fun! my veri first frenly game i eva played n its a whole 4 periods of game.. cool!!! it was a great game n i tot the goal that the ite gal scored against us, it was reali a gd goal.. great run by her to bring the ball n tk a shot.. nevertherless... our gals r better LOL.. think the kids r still wae better den all of us.. =) nisa, minah their line i personally think they hav improved alot n they r so much faster on the court.. our keepers fariza n baze did gd throws (except baze's speciality lol...) n saves... overall i think we played well.. final score i think its 14-1.. skools rox!

THURS-> hmmm.. went out wit bran to orchard to hav our lunch at subway.. yummy yum its so nice!!! (better den hospital food) den meet rene to get some studying notes from her. an hr or so later bran n i went to orchard library to study.. he study his notes, me read my story book n looking at the tasty food tt the lil cafe der offer (saliva drooling) LOL... ard 5 we head to tiasa actualli wanna check out the blades but its closed n met angela der.. den ya head hm for dinner n on the wae to the mrt station i gt him a surprise.. after tt was at hm rotting....

FRI-> couldn't remember..

SAT-> was busy all dae.. not at hm.. someone asked me out ard 7plus to go padang watch free movie n offer to come pick me up but i couldnt go.. wanna sae sry to the person.. had great time although im pretty beat the whole dae.. no trg donno y.. heard from some tt old man drove off.. i gt no idea wad happened actualli..

SUN-> met up my sec skul frenz at orchard.. hehe went tk neo-print, walking ard to find gifts for my frenz bdae.. den was dinner at cafe cartel.. as usual i cant eat anithing other den their grilled dory fish, oriental chicken salad (ate more lettuce den the chicken) den after which we head down to marina square's nike shop.. i saw a pair of nike shoes its so cool sort of lyk camo kind wanna ask my dad to buy for me.. hehe hope he agrees.. den off to the arcade to play.. 10plus head hm..

MON-> todae its gonna be another dae which im gonna rot at hm.. juz ask my dad if i cud buy the shoes n he saes YES!!!! muhahahahah!!! so happi can! aniwae hope my fren can get dist for me den can buy it cheaper.. my dear tml exam le.. dese weeks he's been mugging reali hard n hadnt been slping alot.. hmmm.. hope he do well for tis exams n hope it finished soon too so tt he cud hav plenty of time to do wad he wanna do n cud rest more.. wanna see him soon too.. miss him alot alot..

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, August 21, 2006
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

it been a week since i last blog..
thurs-> national dae was nothing different from the usual daes except tt i missed watching the national dae parade n went dinner wit my dear.. had salmon, veg n rice for dinner. Yummy!!!! den we went supermarket got some mushroom to cook. after which is floorball time wit darling n my brother..

fridae-> a whole lot of hell.. morning woke up at 7 prepare to go hospital for my 3 appointments.. the whole thing lasted till 345, tt's the time when i juz got hm but luckily im able to go trg for a try out session.. muhahhahaha!!! i cant imagine im gg back trg!! hmm.. trg was great.. funny fact the more i train the higher the sugar level.. hmmm.. think it has something to do wit my dinner lahz hehe... dinner was the greatest.. thx dear for bring-ing me to hav the dinner.. ur the greatest! everyone was kinda surprised to see me trg but im so glad to be back for trg n to be able to train wit u ppl!!!

sat-> finished up my 1st storybook tt i borrowed from the library.. den when out of my hse ard 4plus to meet brandon suppose to go bugis but hav to meet his mum at 615 so cancelled. when we got der, something happened.. well din wanna mention so yup things well pretty rough not till 7plus. tt dae hav fireworks n everywhr from marina square to esplanade was a total disaster. HUMAN TRAFFIC EVERYWHR!!!! dear n me got caught in the traffic itself for almost an hr! my god.. in the end we decided to get out n be walking on the road whr all the cars zoom-ing passed us.. headed for dinner at marina square n afterwhich i went to his hse tk his clothes n we headed for sengkang.

sun-> wake up at 7, woke him up, bathe n my parents had gotten us breakfast all prepared on the table for us. we're out at 8 heading to pasir ris downtown east. well bran had floorball ntuc 3 on 3 n for me.. its all abt gg back to werk for e veri first time eva since im adnitted to the hospital. the feeling of gg back to werk, to see ppl der is great.. everything went well for me n its fun werking on tt dae, had alot of laughs.. den afternoon headed down to the marquee to watch fball.. well manage to catch serena n the kids playing wit the quek sisters.. hmmm.. though they lost but i think they put up a good fight.. good game gals.. saw alot of familiar faces der.. smelly, aisyah jie, dawn, emily, widya n EMIL.. hehe he's juz so adorable la.. dear, shahmeer kor, jasa n hadi gotten 3rd n the debbie n gals were 2nd.. went home bathe n had dinner.. love everything my mum cook for us.. thx mum ur the best.. after dinner was monopoly time n i beaten brandon flat! i made him bankrupt! muahahahah!!!! den he headed home...

mondae-> boring dae

tues-> not sure wads gonna be lyk todae but suppose to hav frenly todae but in the end its not gonna hav.. not sure if the youth's game gonna be confirm tml.. if hav i wanna play..so for nw i'll juz be heading for my bed again.. -yawns- lastly for my dearest luv.. thz for spending so much time wit me dese daes dese weeks.. study hard for ur upcoming exams n do well in it k.. muacks lurve ya loads...

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Don't let me go -

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it feels so gd to be able to walk on the streets of singapore again, to travel on the mrt n to tk buses to which eva place i wanna go... hmmm... finally im out of my hse!!!

Monday 7/8
went out to meet brandon at his place.. hmm.. went to the optics. on my wae to his place i realised tt its been so long since i travelled alone... after having tis illness, ppl ard me, my family esp are so afraid of letting me go out alone by myself. i noe they care n worried abt me but i wanna prove to dem tt im reali fine n healthy now n im able to tk care of myself lyk wad i used to be.. maybe they still nid time to be convinced but im determine to show dem tt i can do it! dinner was simple but yet delicious. everydae's dinner for me now is either fish veg fish veg fish veg n more fish veg. dinner was exceptional todae cos i hav CHICKEN!! even juz one piece im so happi.. LOL!!!! yum yum too bad but i cant eat alot lyk i used to.. guess i cant eat a whole load of food from now onwards, onli can watch other ppl eat. haiz :(

Tues 8/8
todae was nothing special, except tt my lil cuz came over my hse early in the morning. he's having fever to dae so he din go to skul n my uncle n his wife hav to work so left him at my hse. i used to think its kinda fun to tk kare of kids, but todae i've the taste of it n its killing me~! well his fever makes him so gloomy n he cries at every lil things.. wah~ *faints* suppose to meet up farah but cant make it cos my mum insist tt i should be hm haiz.. sad-ed can~ after my cuz went hm, reading is all i do. after dinner went borrow more books to read on.. haiz.. guess being confined at hm reli killing me slowly so no choice hav to READ~! tml's national dae n usually i hav plans wit my frenz but seems lyk tml im gonna be at hm watching the national dae parade n not getting to watch the fireworks live =0( im starting to reli hate my life cos i've juz begun my 21yrs old n yet im down wit tis kinda of illness.. how "lucky" can i be? forget it nw feels reli depressed or should i sae im depressed all along since the dae i noe im in tis kind of shit..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, August 08, 2006
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Saturday, August 05, 2006

hmmm... yesterdae as usual morning hav to do wad i hav to do.. INJECTIONS!!! hehe.. phobia still but am slowly getting used to it alreadi.. haiz.. guess dese daes i alwaes felt lyk i haven been eating anithing filling for my stomach.. alwaes growling in hunger. wad to do, i cant have snacks n a hearty meal lyk i used to so im still trying to get my appetite smaller.. everydae's food is the same old stuff cant choose n don hav much choice at all.. sometimes tasteless, seeing other ppl eat is a torture for me cos they r eating everything n anithing!!! but i cant.. sad-ed..

afternoon when for appointment at the hospital.. everything seems fine.. saw my M.I friend.. hmmm seems lyk he had his back injured.. well pal gotta tk kare ya..

later evening i went shopping.. laterally for my diet food n all. come to think abt it i cant hav chocolates so much often now.. but for my health i hav to sacrifice lor.. i guess making all dese scarifices to keep myself healthy is worth it n most imptly can go back on court ASAP!!! went watch dem hav trg yest.. wah~ super tempted to play can.. so i walk ard play a lil, shoot a lil.. hehe.. not too bad i told myself.. saw alot of ppl yest, all been asking hw am i.. well was shocked when i saw pierre n he ask if im ok.. LOL.. well thx everyone.. im feeling great nw.. thx for all the concern.. seems lyk everyone saes i've lost alot of weight.. hmmm.. guess its the food i eat ba.. so although tempted to play but ya control n kept myself busy playing wit uncle yuha's baby emil.. aww~ he's juz so adorable.. mr vig leaving.. hope all the best for him in boston for the next 1yr..

wadeva it is, im veri determint to go back on court to play.. hope i could make it even b4 the pesta if possible.. if not the earliest will be next yr's league.. endure endure endure...

~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, August 05, 2006
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

haiz.. after updating my last blog, i cant imagine myself landing up in the hospital.. haha.. well im attack by some unknown sources n den im now known as diabetics, a type 1 they called. hmmm... but wadeva they unknown sources mite be, it sure doesbt feels gd at all to be in tis state.. the entire process of landing myself up in the hospital is terrible.. cant be describe. not more talking abt getting my hand bruised everywhere from the "plugs" tt they pok into my skin n also the mani upteen times of painful n unbearable blood tests... hehe...

i wanna thank all those fball peeps who came by to see me [shahmeer kor, emily, aisyah, wanie, charm, kk, serena, debbie, wileen, huihui, dawn, farizah, rajiv, rene, huda n hamtaro, jasa n widya, mark seow n samatha], my sec skul frenz, w/o u guys i think i'll be reali so bored in my 4 daes of stay in the hospital.. thx for the care n concern u guys hav shown n given to me.. am reali touched... thx for the prezzies u guys had bought for me.. from huda, rajiv, jasa, widya, aisyah jie ur flower n all the cards.. not forgetting my working frenz who came over to see me yest at my hse n also at the hospital.. oso oso all the sms-es u guys had sent me.. reali thx a billion million.. to mr amir, mr azmy n wife.. thx for coming too.. was reali a huge surprise to see u ppl coming to see me..

nw my onli wish is to faster get back to my normal lifestyle, go back to work, go do wad i hav been alwaes doing.. shopping, chilling out most imptly back for FBALL TRGS n GAMES!!!! i don wanna juz cos of tis illness den i hav to stop playing tis sport.. hmmm.. juz hope to get my life back on the normal track again..

lastly nw tt im at hm, definately im feeling so so much more comfy.. realised tt actualli der r mani things in life i don see at all when im not sick.. onli to reali see it when im at the bottom of the well in my life.. esp to my parents, my family n brandon.. wadeva u guys have done for me during dese past few daes when im hospitalised, u guys had reali shown me wad is love, care n concern.. wad kinship reali means.. to my mum who did the most for me.. appreciated all tt u hav done, n mani mani more.. cant be said wid juz words.. to my dearest brandon.. sry i've made u so worried for me since i got into hospital.. thx for doing everything u can to make me feel better, to keep me company no matter hw busy ur n thx for encouraging me to face my biggest phobia.. injecting needles.. mani thx to u n for all the sacrifices u made juz cos of me n tis illness i hav contracted.. i love u so much.. miss ya alot too.. muackz...

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, August 02, 2006
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