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Monday, October 30, 2006

haha... farizah tis is for u my mate.. hehe.. she's been saying to me tt i haven been updating my blog!!! hmmm... well yes.. its been lyk 1mth n donno hw mnai monkey donkey daes tt i haven been blogging.. reasons of me doing tt? here are some possible reasons:
  1. forgot to blog
  2. lazy to blog
  3. alwaes comes home late at nite so tired to blog
  4. lazy to even switch on my com
  5. werking, werkin n still werking
  6. busy wit my ps2 controller.. hooked on games
  7. nothing to update at all.

well.. since nw im online i mite as well juz blog in ani case im lazy or forgot agn.. hmmm.. dese mth been werking abit more den usual. reasons being tt der r mani holidaes n the theme park juz has to be open during dese holidaes,, lyk PSLE marking dae, hari raya for our muslim community, deepavali for our indian community, helloween plus the normal werking weekends.. so its kinda abit more werking daes.. carnival n retail sides hav few new faces n yup all are funny nice ppl.. fun to mix ard wit.. nw im lyk contemplating whether shud i leave anot..

thurs was werking at WWW (wild wild wet) retail shop wit sikin.. hehe she's reali funny n nice to be wit. mani things tt is unfamiliar at the shop der for me but its been reali a new experience for me to learn wad kind of retail life they hav der as compared to ETP's reatil.. fast werking pace n lots of customers.. fun time great dae..

fridae was nothing much except for trg.. it juz gets tougher every session n it wasn't a gd trg aniwae.. pushups, running, ladders, tug jumps n mani more.. super tiring. den was games.. even more tiring n suck! hehe.. think im juz too tired to run.. b4 we went hm, old man saes next week all the gals hav not trg n if we wanna come for trg, we're not gonna play fball,, juz physical trg n play some games lyk bball, soccer etc.. juz NO FBALL! cos we don hav wad it tks n we're not even gd enuff to play wit the RP junior team.. hmmm... well if tts wad old man thinks den nothing else to sae.. trg next wed n fri.. well see hw agn..

was werking from 9-6 ytd n den headed over to kor kor's hse for hari raya open hse. yup.. the food was delicious n jas, wid n bran was der too.. saw minah n yaya der haha.. after tt was out the whole nite n bran's hse..

todae was shopping dae wit bran.. we went vivo city. OMG!! its lyk damn cool! so mani shops, the adidas shop der is lyk WOW! they hav a shop name candy empire.. so mnai chocolates n sweets in der lah my god.. so tempted to buy n eat!!! i juz luved chocolates n sweets n ice creams!! had asked if adidas nid ppl der.. hmmm.. hope gets to werk der. dinner was Carl's Junior.. my god the food der is not junior at all lor.. but its reali nice! Yumyum~ i juz loved the salsa sauce n their burger.. hehe i ate fish burger though it taste gd but bran's beef burger was better.. den was followed by Ben n Jerrys ice cream! took pics der n wow.. had such fun time n we're planning to go der agn.. looking forward to tt..

its 30th oct alreadi n now its 1:07am.. hmmm.. later on in the evening i maybe gg down to see my grandma.. she having op in the afternnon.. pray hard for her.. nw guess its time to peace out.. -yawns- donno shud go for the bbq tt is organise on the 22 nov anot.. well shall see agn lahz.. so buai for nw..

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, October 30, 2006
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