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Friday, November 17, 2006

hmmm.. so mani daes so manii incidents so manii events going on in my life tis month.. well don wana tok abt it.. it not bcos all the events, incidents r bad or unhappi.. its juz tt gd moments don last but bad memories will stay in our hearts.. bcos its gd moments, so i wanna cherished it in my heart n forget abt all the bad ones.. so its better not to mention anithing at all..

its hard to let go of something u cherished so much n when tis something has alreadi been a part of ur life, a part of u... but i finally understand n realised tt y the power of love is so strong.. cos if u reali love the person do deeply n dearly, no matter hw much the person u luv may hurt u, may abused u, u will still tk it tolerate it.. cos he or her is the dearest person, most impt tt nothing is more impt in ur life n in ur eye.. u'll do anithing for him/her w/o thinking.. guess no matter hw hard a person may not wanna be loved or be in love, if he/she were to meet the ONE in their lives, guess they can nv fite against fate... is fate reali in our hands? can we reali control it n create it to be wad we wanted it?

here's something for u if u read.. i used to think tt u were perfect.. but later i realised tt in tis world, der is reali reali nothing tt can be perfect.. i love u dearly n till todae tis is a fact it has nv been changed nor moved.. u used to dote me, love me so dearly tt i felt so happi n fortunate tt i've nv been b4.. even nw, when im not normal at all u still tk me tis big heavy burden.. all i cud do to eva repay u is to give u all my heart, love n care for u.. to give u everything i can provide u, to do anithing for u willingly.. but maybe ur too used to me.. tt mani times u forgot abt appreciating, n non stop of sacarifices for ur hobby for ur frenz n buddies.. ur world is onli urs n im nv in ur world.. i seems so lonely outside ur world n yet keeping the faith tt u will lend me ur warm hands to lead me to u.. im tried of waiting n everything.. i juz wan a lil love, care n corncern lyk wad u used to do.. i juz wan ya to noe tt pls don forget tt der's someone out der doing everything she can to give u wadeva u wan in a quiet corner n don forget ppl ard u who once were impt in ur life.. selfish n self-centred will onli end up losing everything, everyone n lastly end up being lonely.. i'll nv hestitate to give u everything so i'll nv hestitate to end everything juz to mend my broken heart..

i love u.. n i cherished u alot..

~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, November 17, 2006
Don't let me go -

Sunday, November 05, 2006

todae is as tiring as ytd.. woke up at 12 plus todae cos slept ard 545 am in the early morning.. den 3pm head to werk.. todae im station at the retail shop.. kinda confusing for me abt the discount coupon thingy tt the customers can use to purchase certain things in the shop.. took me awhile to finally noe wad to do.. well tot sales todae was bad, but luckily got tis big family of ladies came n bought alot of stuff from the shop n boost up the sales kinda alot.. LOL.. gradually after they came mani customers came in too.. heheh.. suppose to go eat wit the guys but the com had some prob n delayed till pretty late so i din go n go meet up wit my frenz instead.. sry guys.. will try to make it on tues..
sat wasn't ani better.. in fact its been more busier den sundae.. was werking afternoon n station at the carnival game store 1.. my gosh! its lyk so flooded wit ppl all over the theme park lahz!!! everyone came play free game cos they r all being given the coupons.. well its so SINGAPOREANS muahahahah!!! den was station at tis particular game from start werk till end werk. gd thing der's someone who helped me at that game too.. "hey if ya reading my blog i wanna sae THX FOR UR HELP!!!" veri veri busy.. mani mani ppl.. alot alot of toys n mani mani ppl asking for stamps.. LOL.. but overall i've to sae tt although its a damn tiring n frustrating dae but got customer is better den no or lil customers.. :) den dinner wit my frenz after werk den was bus, talk, laugh n head hm...
n now tis toopid entry had some prob.. cant seems to aline it to the side n it went the other side!!! forget it hate tis new thingy on the blog.. haiz.. gtg!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, November 05, 2006
Don't let me go -