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Sunday, January 28, 2007

my god.. so fast 1 week le.. come to think abt it i don seems to hav done alot of things tis entire 7 daes.. on tt wed went trg at VS.. usual not alot of gals / guys went.. fridae suppose to go shopping wit mummy but plans changed at the veri last min.. so went down NP to watch the IVP finals.. was so exciting esp the guys match RP vs NYP.. so intense n alot of us fballers actually went down to watch.. den sat werk at nite went to watch innebandy's match.. they lost to nhac tre 7-1. hmm.. hav to sae the ang mohs are reali BIG in size, us asians juz looked so small.. hehe.. superman 10 christian was lyk wow whenever he gets the ball n starts to run n shoot.. but ya not forgetting the saves tt pierre made.. cool! overall was quite an exciting match..

woke up todae.. had a veri bad feeling.. i nv tot tt it was reali true abt ppl can sense or feeling tt they're gonna hav a bad or gd dae.. hmmm... guess i've finally felt it myself todae.. i don feel gd the ebtire dae.. headache when i woke up, den feeling slpy on my journey to ntu, den was late for game, played lyk shit.. wun sae anithing abt the match cos i myself was lyk totally switched off the entire match.. gotten 2mins for accidentally blocked the ball tt comes hitting on my hand.. sianz.. bad omen.. unlucky!! fed up..

lastly congrats to owls for winning our match 7-1 against youth.. to youth gals.. u gals reali did play well todae keep it up!! gd luck for the rest of ur upcoming matches!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, January 28, 2007
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Monday, January 22, 2007

think im super sianz abt my current job n i've been looking for other jobs.. but aniwae tt's not wad i wanna blog abt.. ytd had game at tsh against squirrettes.. first period 7 goals, second period 2 goals n last period 6 goals.. hmmm i must sae thru out the entire game i felt lyk hell.. hate the wae i play.. shit!! old man was reali angry abt the wae we played ytd at the 2nd n 3rd period.. but aniwae we won 15-0 in the end.. won yet feeling unhappy for me. innebandy guys were lyk having a tough game ytd against NUS Nemesis.. although the won 4-2 but ya tough win for dem.. for a moment i lost my stick n apparently its underneath one of the moosemen's guys bag below. ate mac after my game n headed hm.. was too beat to actualli blog..

  • 20/01/07

nothing on much during the dae.. evening went over to qin's hse for mushroom steamboat.. sort of for a postpone bdae celebration for her.. hmmm.. besides me n bran.. der r lyk another 8-10 of us der eating ard the table.. hehe.. chat alot, hav alot of fun n catching up wit all my frenz.. the steamboat was yummy!! one of my fren actualli focus so much on the food itself tt she wasn't even interested in ani of our conversation lahz!!! hahaha..best part is tt she din even help to clear up.. sit der n read magazine.. LOL!!! tis had gotten me n bran n some of my frenz laughing abt wadeva she's been doing..

for the rest of the previous daes.. practically cudn't remember much n yup been gg np the watch IVP..

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, January 22, 2007
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

  • 14/01/07

the league had finally started n i've been so nervous abt tis yr's league.. donno y.. maybe its becos its a one straight league n der's not gonna hav ani finals so yup in my heart i kept telling myself tt i cannot afford to not do well or do stupid things/mistakes on the court. aniwae our first game against pinkies.. the opponent tt thrashed us badly at pesta last yr. somwhw feeling nervous when i saw tt they hav mani new players.. the start of the game was madness for me i cant reali focus on the game cos im too scared n all..but when our first goal scored by debbie, i juz tot i nid to stay focus n defend.. so as the game goes.. the more i felt better.. final score 7-2 to us! OWLS!!!! after game was dinner wit wanie, her gf, serena, hazirah, fariza, jase, shahmeer, jie, bran n me at banquet.. headed mac for some chit chat laugh abt session wit some of dem n headed hm.. wow its a damn tiring dae man.. but im happi we won..

  • 13/01/07

hmmm.. went werk in the morning.. der's not even lyk more den 20 ppl coming into the park cos its been raining heavily the whole morning.. so its lyk slacking, eating, laughing n having fun at werk. den went compass pt wit liyana cos her prepaid card got tis PUK code thingy n she cant access to her fone.. den i went hm, took shower pack my stuff n yup head down to tsh. reached der saw wid on the wae, went get food wit her n when i gottn der, was shocked to see so mani ppl watching the match.. well i must sae innebandy is reali gd lor.. the wae the players play, certain play ups n all.. wah.. so envious can.. the game was terrible actualli.. the taz guys were lyk actualli so physical n banging n slashing our guys.. haiz scary.. but yup innebandy won 11-1. tt's reali gd.. den had some fun wit adam n his little cute sister n me n some innebandy guys headed for dinner at mac. got to noe tt sofian's bdae was todae n so i gt him a milkshake for his present.. HAHAHAHHA!!! den toook bus down to woodlands wit the guys.. gt to bran's hse n was so tired.. slp...

  • 11/01/07

nothings on onli tt i went watch IVP at Np.. was raining reali heavily n was watching the matches.. ite vs nus, np vs nyp, rp vs sim. something happened during the rp n sim game n seow gotten a red card for using tt stick. den when eat at mac at clemanti den took cab hm.. wash its freaking expensive lahz!! reached hm 12plus coming to 1am.. bathe n slp..

  • 10/01/07

entire dae was at hm onli till evening went VS for trg.. not alot of ppl go cos of the IVP n nationals trg for the gals.. old man was in bad mood n yup he screwed everyone for not doing things rite n fast enuf. youth gals n skools guys gt pumped by him n he shouted something reali unpleasent n i was scared n shocked when he shouted those words.. but overall i've to sae the trg was reli tiring.. shagged man.. headed hm in rajiv's car.. thx rajiv for the ride to serangoon..

  • 9/01/07

hmmm woke up at 2pm.. hahaha.. den bathe, eat n went down to novena's adidas warehse to get a skirt tt i wanted since last yr.. hehe.. actual price for $165.. but i gt it at half price.. hehe.. was so happi i finally gt the skirt!!! den head to bugis to get the adidas shoes tt i reserved the other dae when i went out socks shopping wit aisyah jie.. was hesitating shud i sell her the shoe anot cos i reli luv the shoe so does she too.. i went down to np to watch my dear play against tp n they draw in the end.. its an exciting game at the last period.. den while walking to the bus stop i asked bran for opinion on shud i sell the shoe.. well i guess he's rite abt wadeva he saes.. it makes sense lahz.. so yup.. shoe is sold to jie..

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, January 14, 2007
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

i don remember anithing much dese daes on wad i do except for those daes whr i hav loads of fun n all.. well on the eve of new yr a few of us when over to RENE's place.. thx for inviting us over rene.. n oso to ur family members.. thx for having us ard n for the great food, drinks n everything.. den my first dae of 2007 is juz practically too tired n slpy to do anithing.. after rene's place i went back hm wit bran n sheryl slping on the bus.. dinner at hm..

den was rp frenly on tues.. wah.. reali cannot make it lor me..played lyk so mani periods but still lyk shit.. damn tired den was the best part dinner!!! dinner was great for me.. cos i ate reali alot lahz.. medication take effect so i ate reali alot lahz! dinner wit serena, fariza, huishan, hazirah, shahmeer kor n syah jie.. gossipped abt mani things hehe.. damn funny n n interesting lor.. having reali good time..

ytd was a boring dae.. do nothing do nothing.. stayed hm..

todae was alrite.. rain pretty heavily n yup went tp trg.. wonder wads up for tml.. haiz.. damn tired.. shall stop here n awaits for tml to come.. nite ppl..

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, January 04, 2007
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