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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

25th march

hmmm.. finally im able to step out of my hse n breathe the hell lots of "fresh" air n sunlight. hahah.. after 2 entire weeks of chicky pox[as wad mr amir calls it], finally i can go watch matches @ TSH. innebandy's match was juz too exciting.. first period mrf was reali playing well. 2nd period innebandy made their first goal.. n the last period reali brings up the intensity. 3-1, 3-3 den was 5-3 finally whistle. hav to sae its lyk usually innebandy's style.."waking up" @ the last period but still the match was juz so exciting la!

went to read the forum n read some comments b4 the match.. realised tt mani ppl was saeing abt the game tt skools VS innebandy. negative comments made n mani thing tt mrf will win it. but hav to sae la.. after innebandy won mrf, mani had been toking bad stuff abt gary, den the ref. its not easy to be a ref. i hav to admit tt i do blame the ref all the time during games. but still i felt tt its reali not easy to be a ref n its even harder to make perfect calls thruout the entire match. cos nno one is perfect in tis world, everyone makes mistake. no one wans to ref on certain matches n i think to those who hav taken the time n all to ref its reali nice of dem..sometimes i think tt those ppl who balmes on the ref shud reali juz try ref-ing a game n see if they demselves can make perfect calls.. so juz giv the ref a break..

after which i left for dinner. suppose to hav ot wit my family in the end they ask me to eat myself after waiting so long for their phone call WTH!!!! so dinner @ foodcourt n i came rushing back to watch the owls game. went sitting on the bench together wit the team n so glad everyone gt score.. wileen seems lyk she's reali unhappy dono y.. fariza throw over half court n her reaction was so funny.. hehe in e end owls won 9-1 against rp. yup den went mac some of my teammates toking n laughing..

26th march

hmmm.. went out wit my brother n bran to watch mr bean the movie.. the movie was nt reali funny as i expected but ok lah overall.. den headed dinner @KFC @ PS. den we walked to orchard.. walk till tired so went mac cafe n eat agn.. LOL!!! head hm after tt..

27th march

do nth @ hm.. so was surfing net @ hm.. eat, surf, eat n surf.. yup. boring

28th march

was @ hm in the dae.. den trg @ VS was terrible for me, no stamina, missing all open shots, missing normal passes.. totally lost my touch... headache is terrible. gg zzz nw...

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, March 28, 2007
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Friday, March 23, 2007

god damn.. i've been staying @ hm for 2 weeks!!! its TORTURING!!! NO FBALL, NO GOING OUT, NO GAMES, NO TRG, NO EATING OF ALOT OF FOOD!!! onli porridge n more porridge... well i sure don rmber eating tis amt of porridge when i was a kid cos i hated porridge. guess nw its payback time for me LOL...

ytd the gals had their game @ UWC.. against? UWC lahz.. [start to talk nonsense]. hmmm i donno hw was the game lyk but definately everyone had scored. hahaha.. heard the news from fariza tt they won lyk 22-1. its lyk wow!!! hazirah scored 3, wanie 3, debbie 3, hui seems to scored alot from wad i heard from hazira n everyone else scored too.. not sure the no.though.. congrat gals.. i think fariza must be having a real easy life ytd at the goalpost.. first time feeling relax i guess rite fariza??? hehe..

tis week its gonna be the last 2nd game we're gonna play.. against RP. tis league is coming to an end.. i guess its juz unlucky we lost to moose n titans afterall. aniwae we're juz gonna play our game till the end of our league.. im ok alr juz tt some pox tt's alr driyed up still haven peel off yet. so my mum don allow me to play.. wahhhh i so wanna play la so im damn gonna convince her to let me play n i hav till sundae afternoon to convince her.. wish me luck.

hmmm.. rite nw im damn bored agn.. so i dono wad i shud do next.. think i'll juz rot on the bed n stare @ the ceiling till dinner time comes.. another round of porridge..

*thanks for bringing me nice waffles for me to my hse.. its reali nice to eat.. i wish i cud have more nice food.. hehe.. looking forward..


~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, March 23, 2007
Don't let me go -

Sunday, March 11, 2007

OMG!! I GOT CHICKEN POX!!! im lyk itching everywhr n yet i mustn't scratch it.. DAMN!! tml is owls VS storm. i was so looking forward to play the last few games of tis season.. but think i'll be out for @ least 2 or 3 games.. which means no trgs for me tis 2-3weeks..but its ok i'll try to do some self trg on my own @ hm to distract myself from scratching..

realised tt having chicken pox i cant eat ALOT.. i mean reali ALOT of food.. according to my mum i cant eat egg, anithing to do wit beans, no chicken, no prawns, no seafood n mani mani more.. i onli can eat fish n pork porridge n the bee hoon soup etc.. i alr lyk got diabetics le n alot of food alr must eat less or cannot eat le.. yet now i still hav CHICKEN POX! lagi more things cannot eat.. wah~ gg crazy can!!

aniwae hope owls will win for the next few games n thrash our oopnents wit lots of goal diff. innebandy's game todae was exciting.. against merahans.. they score line was definately not the most convincing one bt @ least its a win lahz.. kor did a veri nice goal! it was lyk w00oohoo00!!! my baobei oso put in a wonderful shot during a free hit.. am so proud of him.. oso i envy his shot so powerful n fast.. his trademark drag shot.. hehe.. youth game was not bad.. yana n sheryl scored.. hehe its another pt for the both of dem.. as a first timer match sec.. i reali got alot of things donno thx to hazira who help me so much wit me..

tis is esp for u if u happen to read.. thx for sending me hm todae. if wasnt for me u shud hav went dinner wit the guys n shud hav eaten a more proper dinner.. thx for taking care of me when my parents weren't ard n wit my idoit sister who's one bully n scary cat.. im sry u cant stay over which i reli wish u cud. but i wanna sae thx for everything i luv u darling.. muackz..

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, March 11, 2007
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Monday, March 05, 2007

my god! i finally noes hw does it feel to hav NO INTERNET LA!!!! its freaking boring man.. my internets been down since sat till todae. finally its up agn YAY!!!!

ytd's the innebandy n moosemen game is juz too exciting! i nv tot a fball game wud eva be tt exciting.. making everyone sitting at our usual place scream n shout.. muahahah!! super duper drama can the game.. it juz gets more n more exciting as the game goes esp the third period.. at the veri last dono hw mani sec.. philip scored n its 6-7 to moosemen.. den tis moose guy gotten 2 mins for pushing mr amir n den the scorer gave awae the ball to hafeez n he scored! woo000h000oo!!! they drew wit moose! great play n fighting spirit guys! u all rock!!!

sat.. it was history repeated itself once again for owls. twice in 2 weeks we lost.. in the veri last few mins in the third period.. it feels lyk shit when u noe everyone werked so damn f**king hard to win, to score n to defend n ye we still let in goals.. lady luck sure isn't wit us at all tis season. after the game something happened. i wasn't angry cos i tot i was scolded or wad. i juz felt angry cos we lost n the team feels equally down alr. der's no nid to put somemore words to make it worst. everyone werk reali hard for the game.. its damn frustrating when u lost it at the veri last moment. the youth's game earlier on sat was equally the same as us. same fate.. losing it at the veri last min.. skools gals juz not enuf luck dese weeks i guess.. hopefully things will hav a change for us.

sometimes shit happens. nothing seems smooth sailing for me in my everydae life oso.. nw i had big prob to face tt i don even noe hw do i eva gonna face it.. u created tis mess n u left me alone to face it myself n not onli tt u still blame me for it. u accused me, raise ur voice at me n worst u nv admit ur misktakes n i juz wanna sae tt sry is not a word tt can solved everything in tis world. im totally heartbroken n disappointed wit u n even myself. for all the time, effort n love i've been putting in for u in the end tis is wad i got from u..

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, March 05, 2007
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