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Thursday, June 28, 2007

yay.. its yet another time for me to blog again.. todae is communication and the DUMB UT~! i simply donno aniting la even though i studied till 230 AM ytd after my frenly wit SIM Blacks. hmmm wud sae the frenly went well its gd la overall.. the line i played in scored the most haha. no idea y but each time when Ruyi saes "go in must score ar line 1" den we scored.. hahhahah.. meiwen's and sheryl's shots are the best i tink.. but den agn simply cant compare debbie's with theirs.. debbie's goal is lyk superb fast la.. 2 SECS ONLY~! duck was reli funny la. when i was playing one of the period haha she was at the side boards and was talking to me la.. telling me not sure abt wad but its sth above bring up the ball n shoot or sth la hahahhaha...

met my sister, sunshine n minru after trg.. they juz finished their cheerleadering practice..

i tink as the dae goes by and im getting reli tired everydae. im reli hating the fact about trg everydae and that i've to admit i've been skipping the guys trg alot.. aniwae wilson don reli lyk us der la... so ya skools trg nw on sat makes me even harder to go.. wkend is werking dae for Reena.. darn.. i tink i shall juz mite as well stop this sport. my life is fucking screwed..

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, June 28, 2007
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

hmm... let me jus start off by wishing my teammate Wileen and my RP fball n school mate Geraldine: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

hmm.. todae's lesson is pretty dry.. cant do much or get information from what is given to us.. so yup one word: BORING!!!! but wana sae thx alot for all those ppl who tagged on my board to make it so happening~ continue tagging ppl~!!!

later gonna have frenly wit SIM blacks. hopefully its gonna be a gd, nice game. hopefully we don lose to them and even if we lose hope we DON get thrash by them.. haha.. well we'l see how it goes.. update more abt the game either tonite or tml..

presentation time.. bye~!

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, June 27, 2007
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

well now im so bored.. kept yawning and that im lyk putting abit more movies into my lappy.. den nw is presentation.. kinda lyk sian abt the module todae.. Visual Basics and its all about commands to make the changes to the boxes and all. lyk WTH~ y am i learning this in my diploma Sports and Leisure mgt.. forget it i tink im juz boring n whinning my wae out.

stupid lappy having prob. i cant seems to delete my unsed program cos it saes im nt the authourised user.. :( am not gg trg later and they having contact rugby later with the rugby girls. haha.. god luck gals hopefully u gals have fun and DON INJURED HORRR~!!! hehe and keep a lookout for sheryl tink she'll be damn funny la rite SHERYL FOX~!!!

so i go on blogs to find ppl's link. getting sleepy nw.. hope i can slp nw n i wanna go hm eat my yummy dinner n slp till tml.. *yawns*

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Don't let me go -

hmmm.. its kinda late nw and later i have UT coming up in school so i'll make it short. din go sch todae and went trg for lyk 2hrs.. head to change and hav dinner at KFC. have to sae that hazzy and sheryl is reli 2 funny people.. think they make a gd couple if they're tgt.. haha.. den met my dearest bf.. finally back from penang and we went swensens for his bdae ice cream for FREE~!!! haha and order the french fries and gt him ice cream cake to celebrate his bdae.. YUMMY~ gave him the card and things i prepare for him as prezzie and yup we walked ard the empty shopping centre, sent me to interchange and headed hm..

its reli gd to be able to hug u once agn, to see u after so many daes and to be able to just spent the time wit u.. happy 20th birthdae my love.. miss u reli alot..

gtg slp nw.. if nt tink tml gonna skip lessons agn.. gd nite to me, my bf, my family, my love ones, my friends and to the world.. lites off nw :D

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 26, 2007
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

hmmm.. its been one week since holidaes. fri was juz another dae in skul, went down to watch the trg but din train. ahah.. linie gt so mani cool things that i juz learnt from her.. thx gerl!

todae had trg in the morning lyk 9.. so early so i slept in bus den head for trg @ rp. trg was not bad haha.. its been so long lyk i went SKOOLS trg la. but disappointed that there isn't any frenly todae cos veri few ppl went. esp the rp boys onli have hafiz, hazzy, hisham, mc, syazrul.

went makan wit the rp peeps and also gary and ryan. den chilled for a while b4 gg hm. came hm.. slp, eat dinner and slp till nw agn.. hha.. tml morning must werk. hmmm tired sia

~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, June 23, 2007
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Friday, June 22, 2007

so he went malaysia.. den will not be back till mondae [on the dae of his bdae]. i felt upset that after so much of planning and wanna surprise him.. its all screwed nw..


~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, June 22, 2007
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

hmmm.. mondae is lyk start of sch again after 2 short weeks of holidaes. mondae blues in my class.. everyone is quiet in class seems lyk all of us are still in holidae mood. trg on mondae was ok. have to sae meiwen n sheryl is lyk BEST DEFENDERS CAN~!!! hahahah..

hmmm tuesdae is kinda not bad. lessons don hav ppt for al of us and that we have to understand the program and have challenge against all other teams. din go physical trg.. so went to get things to prepare gifts. head hm eat dinner n slp~!!

wed... shud nt hav gone school. most hated faci.. so troublesome n ask so mani qns. everytime i attend her lessons im alwaes shutting her out lyk automatically. den presentation is lyk not bad. haven been doing presentation for 2 weeks.. lol have to sae losing touch n nervous ytd.. frenly wit combine sch gers.. match was fun the gers were pretty strong so does the RP gers! we're all pretty on form and that though we won by small margine but overall i'll sae "Great job gers!!!"

hmmm todae UT suck big time. so mani qns but no time to do, furthermore i late.. lol lyk overslept la.. den wasn't feeling well so decided to go hm. he's gg malaysia wit his family n i onli gt to noe todae.. i was so looking forward to his bdae cos i've been planning a surprise for him but he wun be ard on his bdae n my surprise for him had to be cancelled. kinda hurtful n disappointing..i hate it, i wish he wud stay for me.. but i tink i can onli juz dream on, lyk fat hope la reena~! u can keep on dreaming, cos wadeva i do, it will nv turn out the wae i want it to be.

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, June 21, 2007
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i juz felt lyk an idiot.. is ur frenz reli that more impt to u? i juz wanna celebrate ur special dae wit u though ts gonna be late. but u tink that my plan wasn't gd n made u angry cos i nv include ur frenz? i tink n look in the bigger picture tt's y i din asked dem along. u were envious i knew it straight that dae so i asked u and made a promise to u that u will get sth the same one dae. but im doing wit wad i hav n wad i can onli afford for u nw.. i noe its nth compared to wad ur fren had but i juz wanna give a surprise too.. but gt u angry.

pls understand the reasons y i planned it tis wae. pls look at it in my pt of view, pls the last ting i wan is u to get angry. i juz wanna celebrate wit ya.. alot of things cant be done cos it a weekdae and i hope u do understand tis IS the MAIN reason for nt having dem in my plans.

all along frenz r the top priority, den ur family den is fball. i cant even compare to fball and i don even noe whr i stand in ur heart. i've tried and tried juz for u, juz to make u happy. give ya wad u wan that others hav so that u don hav to be envious. i dono wad else can i gif u or make u happy animore..

u've changed so much so do i. but i've tried doing n changing for the gd for our r/s. wad abt u? aniwae im trying hard nt to tink abt it, not to juz hurt and teared by wadeva u sae or do to me. but i still did in class todae. im a failure.. total useless failure..


~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 19, 2007
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

im @ hm the entire dae thinking abt wad upcoming compeition i will have.. but saw wad i've read i juz din noe wad to sae.. yes i've admit i've nt reali been trg alot under ruyi, i've been nt gg got skools trg cos i reli cant make it due to skul and trgs and all, but i did train and oso train as hard as i can push myself and my body cud tk it..

its easy to sae we wanna quit.. aniting we do in life, quitting is foreva the easiest thing to do, the easiest wae out to solve a problem. but hav we eva tot abt wd will happen to ppl and things ard us if we juz quit? Yes tis is our lives and of cos we wan the best for ourselves, for our family, for tt or certain special ppl in our hearts. still we shud consider ppl ard us too.. cos inlife, wadeva we do it will not onli affect ourselves, it will oso affect others ard us. its lyk a disease.. it spreads all over and it juz makes u feel sick abt it.

things are juz getting from bad to worst. but since it has alr happened and its alr worst.. so juz let things be den.. we cant do anithing more to change.. we tried to help, to change but it juz din turned out as expected. so i guess we lived wit it..

its raining here and lots of tots juz went thru my coconut.. i asked myself y do i hav to be affected or eveb be bothered to try so hard, werked so hard and end of the dae everyting turns out differently.. well i guess there is no ans to it n it will juz kip ringing in my head..


~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, June 17, 2007
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

14th june
its W64F class outing to Palau Ubin todae! well im lyk super early la.. to tink that im da first to reached tanah merah mrt station.. haha~ den came minru, nelly, sunshine and yan keat. vincent n quan was slping and almost cud nt joined us.. lucky gt mummy nelly to wake dem all up. den the guys came lyk after we hav waited so long keke.. so in the end we hav 15ppl and off to ubin.

bus ride was fun and din noe poor boy irfan gt bike accident n he had 6 stitches at the left side of his chest. den we met up the other 4 [rene, kai, quan n vincent] at the ferry pt and took a boat der.

reaching ubin was juz exciting enuff haha den we head to rent our mountain bikes~! everyone had choosen our bikes and we simply cant wait to cycle off and explore tis place. staring was reli funny ahah.. some of us juz learn to cycle, den was the gear prob, bicycle chain prob, lots of laughters and shoutings from the gals.. haha~ the journey was thrilling and we played truth or dare~! almost everyone kena and kai proposed to rene to be his gf, but seems lyk he failed cos rene rejected not noe-ing wads the reason.. well den we cycle back for our lunch. lunch was mee rubus and mee siam. was so hungry i ate up mine, rene's and kai's, cos they cant finish. haha tink i ate lyk a cow down :P after lunch was more taking of photos and morr exploring in ubin. we cycled along the road n we came across a hill that more of dem get down from their bikes and pushed uphill. downhill was total AWESOME~!!!! reli high speed and no brakes!!! haha me n chun ann when lyk 3 times for the entire dae and some of the guys went 2 rounds. well hav to sae was kinda disappointed that the route to chek java was closed and we cud'nt explore der. but overall cycling in ubin was reali a whole alot of fun and that its damn thrilling cycling in high speeds not onli on roads but also thru the muddy water, rocky n bumpy roads LOL!!! head abck to changi for dinner[fried kway teow, oyster omelette w/o oyster, peanut tang yuans] and yup home sweet home.. came hm bathe n had a talk wit my dearest.

....drop dead....

15th June
was having a gd slp when rajiv called my phone n woke me up. well i din wanna pick up his call cos he juz keeps calling n i don see a pt for me to talk to him when wadeva n no matter wad everyone had said to him is still nt helping. he kept saying he wanna die, nid a ans and alot more. but i felt tt tis is nt my nor anione's r/s. its his n her's, so if she reli din wanna bother or meet him den he shud juz let go, y call everyone for help and wanna make tings so unpleasant. so he called bran n my bf is juz too nice. talked to him and all. he even sms my bf n beg him for help i mean HELLO~ WE CANT HELP SO EVEN U BEG US WE CANT HELP U MUCH OR IN FACT AT ALL. so he goes on calling me, bran, keith and dono who else la for mani times. sometimes i juz felt kinda irritated that if ppl don wanna meet u den u juz forget it la. y u keep wanna meet her and keep asking for ppls help?! stop threatening tt u wanna die, wanna go her hse n all la.. i juz find it childish.

so enuff of him. todae i went out to meet widya, shahmeer to celebrate jasa's bdae. haha.. but b4 tt i went to get my laptop case.. haha was so happi that i gt it thx MUMMY~! i love ya.. u buy for me.. YAY~!!! den we're kinda late and ya we went for dinner at an indonesia restuarant called THE RICE BOWL. hmmm was dinner buffet and its reali nice.. Yummy yum~

after dinner, we met yanto and wid blind folded jas and we bought him to haagan dazs at the forum and had ice cream cake. the blind folded journey was reli fun and had alot of laughs, photos and video. keke...

next we headed down to marina square for bowling n arcade sessions. started bowling from 11plus till 1 plus and arcade awhile more b4 widya sent all of us hm. wanna sae thx widya :) thx for everything. i had a reli fun n great dae and happy 26th birthdae to jasa again~!

later i hav to wake up n go for fball.. damn im reli tired.. yawns~ gd nyte n peace out


~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, June 16, 2007
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hello hello.. haha hasnt been blogging for the last few daes. well im kinda busy u see haha.. no lah.. busy gg out lor [wad else can i be busy wit? ya.. fball trgs~]

haha lets juz start wit tis pic.. aunty mcken.. haha notice the blue clip on his hair? hehe.. todae is total fball dae~ fremly @ SGS.. turned out to be lyk kinda nitemare, pissed but nv as pissed as keith. tink his off dae was kinda wasted la. den we go eat sth real fast haha.. den took bus to ANK den train to woodlands den to RP for trg.. wah the leg muscles is lk turn into dono wad alr.. haha den arm still hurts lyk hell but decided shall nt complaint and whine. tink todae i dono hw i did it.. juz manage to squeeze pass ppl haha but overall was a fun dae. at mac and on the bus was oso full of fun. . laugh nonstop la~

9th JUNE
well saturdaes didnt start off well for me but definately was a right choice to go out.. haha..
first i went to a church juz beside the Singapore Musem. yup haha well not to go der pray la but to attend brandon's sec sch teacher mr shashi's wedding.. well his wife is a chinese. small size but she's damn pretty and sweet when she smiles :) the wedding was reali different as compared to the one i attend few yrs back when my sec sch maths teacher's wedding. same church wedding but yet theirs is so.. wad shud i sae leh.. reali look lyk those that u see on tv drama kind. but my maths teacher's one was more lyk simpler. buffet was great though its juz mee siam, chicken drumlets, and some pies.

den after wedding headed to dhoby ghaut to get my mum's mp3 done. nid service lor.. den get drink, walked ard. decided to go arcade.. haha well we saw ppl trying to catch those cute lil bears.. den i tried my luck. first attempt [small bear] was hopeless, second[bigger bear] was no whr better. den third time wit dear's help hahah!!! he caught a bear!! my god i was so excited la.. wearing a dress and jumping lyk a monkey lor.. haha.. i simply cant believe it that he caught he bear and its mine! i name it brandon jr.. our bear our baby hahaha..

den meet up wit JASON!! haha its been so long i seen him since he left for taiwan. so he came back for short lil vacation and ya met him at centre pt coffee bean. had short yet happi chat wit him and ya he had gone back agn.. dinner wit bran n his dad @ east coast.. food was delicious and i love it man! so his dad sent me hm to pick up some clothes den head to bran's hse. din go hm till sundae nite.

sundae was juz simply nice and sweet. juz sit der hav lunch and watch dvd wit him is juz cool. its been long time since we had our lil own time n world.. wish we will hav more in time to come.

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 12, 2007
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

hmmm life's been pretty screwed up for the past two daes.. wel don wanna mention abt all dese negative things tt have happened. but i noe i hav to admit tt wad i did was totally not rite , un-glam and nt cool..

but we made up todae.. sh00k hands and yup case close haha.. i sms hIm and apologised.. hmmm guess tis is reli wad i shud do.. give myself a pat on the shoulder for having the courage to admit my mistakes! lol~

guess its another nite of unhappiness for me. all i wanted was to hav dinner.. but it seems so difficult for us and juz had to leave. i juz wanna sae tt sometimes certain things happen, but when the thing that had happened alr case closed, PLS~ don nid to bring it up all over agn.. it will onli caused unnecesary prob. YES! maybe nt for them but for me and ppl who's involved.

i hav to make clear sth.. i onli love brandon.. tt is it.. other guys [no matter is classmate or fball mates] well wad can i sae.. we're all juz frenz, buddies whom i go out and hav fun wit in n outside sch..

yup so i guess ts all i wnna sae.. gd nite~ off to my bed

~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, June 09, 2007
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Thursday, June 07, 2007

well todae is a dae when i can slp at hm.. haha lyk no fball la the onli dae off for me. so the onli ting i do todae is stay hm play online games and yup head to meet my peeps at woodlands den go to melvin's hse for bbq! was fun bbq-ing cos i lyk so long nv bbq haha.. melvin's dog is so cute juz lyk mine! oscar the name.. so oh ya thx to mw's dad for sending me hm :) i felt so forgetful and goon-duuu!!! i left my phone wit him and ya i nw don hav my fone. but lucky gt gf to help me tk.. thx to gf too :)

well here i am nw at hm blogging.. feeling kinda confuse abt certain tings.. i asked myself wad do i reli wan? wad am i looking for? i told him wad i alr wanna sae to him deep down my heart.. my feelings and yet his reaction was cold n not bothered. i hate it but i juz cant do aniting abt it.

till the dae when he is willing and he's free to tink abt it, i'll nv noe wad is our future gonna be. i don lyk seeing n feeling tt "hey im tgt wit him but feels lyk im nt"

im confuse.. don talk to me

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, June 07, 2007
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

hmmm... here's some pics that we took ytd when we went out wit the guys.. haha..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 05, 2007
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this is my girlish di and my buddy alfee
damn Mcken.. having his head poke on the knife's tip hahah!
wonder wad is she gonna dig out from that bag
Mcken gaming everywhr he go

well suppose to have camp la but last min lyk don have.. so we gonna have trgs lyk mondae, tues, thurs and fri.. well i guess its better la for me as compared to camp.. needle probs for me. lunch was at hm for me b4 meeting mw and my gf. so yup meeting time was 2pm and our dearest baby in our team sheryl is late!!! hahahahaha.. no wonder my gf tell me to tell her we meeting @ 1pm. keke next time will use tis strategy. :P

trg was @ 5.but we were early so we started running ard playing lyk small kids.. haha.. but was reli fun lor.. we went buy some drinks yup i actualli forgot to pay for my sweets n i goon-du lor blur blur put inside my bag wit my hp.. hahaha!

back to trg: trg todae din hav alot of ppl. geraldine sick so onli hairin came. well i don wanna talk abt trg stuff but ya i reali came rp t play wit dem im nt here to show off or be a superstar. so wad im from owls.. seriously its lyk im the lousiest in owls lor.. hopefully todae's input to all will nt be taken as output.. lets all juz tk each other as equal standard. play as a team.

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 05, 2007
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Sunday, June 03, 2007

i meet him on fridae after sch and we went dinner. am veri surprised he asked if i wanna eat pizza cos it seems expensive to us all the time in the past. so yup we have a nice dinner. its been so long last since we had such wonderful and happt times tgt.

haha.. tis is my nickname my babyboy call me.. im his princess piggy and he loves me.. i love him too.. its a nickname we both share.. don wanna lose it..

i don rmb when did we last have such happy times b4 this last dinner. im losing alot of memories. lyk the doc sae i will become forgetful and lose all the memories i have. i don wan it.. i feel lyk crying when i noe i will forget. it seems pointless when i hv happy times but i wun rmb ani at all.. but im trying to rmb all the times we had n spent tgt, all the tings we do for each other.. hopefully i don forget ani of my frenz names and u in time to come.. i noe im losing it.. i cant tell anione.. im all alone suffering

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, June 03, 2007
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

i donno wad can i do onsuch hot n sunny sat. so does tml.. im actually thinking if i wan to go for the fball camp on mondae. still contemplating but ya.. i think wadeva lor i don wanna think aminore.. so be it.. will see as subdae comes.

todae's entry is for my RIGEL dear fren... HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, June 02, 2007
Don't let me go -

Friday, June 01, 2007

haha.. its the formal theme for my class todae.. i took some pics.. not sure if i can blog it up. but was fun.. hahahahaha wearing dress is juz nt my style. hmmm.. had free food for lunch juz nw and that had fruiits and bubble tea!!!! yay!!! haha..

im bombed lyk upside down! from him and her.. wad a couple to be tgt! arghhhh i juz nid to get out of tis shyt!
oh well as promised.. i nid to blog up some pics for ytd...

~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, June 01, 2007
Don't let me go -

darn.. seems lyk i cant blog the pics but nvm la.. will post dem up once the server is ok! hmmm..watch movie PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3. was not bad the show.. still some funny parts and yup generally it was gd. though mw and rig saes they almost slept.. hahahahaha!!!

well new faces are appearing on my blog!! haha nt bad..

well i tried my best on the court but i guess i've finally came to a pt when im juz too tired and worn out. im injured. my right shoulder juz hurts wheneva i play for too long, cant pass cant shoot. hate tis but ya no choice but hav to stop trg the other dae. hate tis feeling.. i dono if wad i hav said has help anione on court. yup.. hopefully e shoulder juz gets well enuf for me to play fball soon

~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, June 01, 2007
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