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Monday, July 30, 2007

studying for UT agn.. hate it when i have to study for it. alwaes cant get my princess slp. its the wee hrs nw and that everyone is slping.. how envy la they can slp.. haix

its the end of the month~!!! and its a veri special day for me n my love. its our 2yr and 6mths anniversay!!!! yay.. so happi but... both of us is unable to make it for ani forms of celebration cos i have sch and later at nite have the JUMP party till late and that he hav sch in the day till nt sure wad time.. haix but nevertheless, i wanna sae lots of wonderful memories i had wit u.. all the ups and the downs, all the tears hat had shed and all the love n care and misses we have for eac other.. :) baby.. piggy loves u..

hmmm so rehersals and no fball.. so boring but nvm at least rehersal wadn't too bad wit the rugby guys ard and did the HAKA~!!! alrite i guess i have to end here cos im reli dead slpy.. so *yawns* gd nite

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, July 30, 2007
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Sunday, July 29, 2007


~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, July 29, 2007
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hmmm... i have to say something first seriously.. "IRFAN~!!! U ROCK! I LYK THE OTHER SIDE OF U~!!!" hahaha.. have to reli applaude for my classmate irfan the giraffe.. his both performance was just great. this blog is for him man.. his day.
nv knew he could sing this well. i tot he's onli genius in creating music cos he alwaes do it in class [our class DJ] and also noe tt he do jamming and plays the electric guitar. but.. but... i reli reli dono he SINGS TOO LARH.. and its GD~!!!
hmmm.. 16 weeks coming to the end. i have hardly hang out wit my classmates cos im alwaes so busy wit my trgs and also working on weekends. recently after the fireworks uting, i reli realised that i have missed out alot of fun wit tis bunch of funny and cool ppl in my class. its gonna come to he end of semester and im gonna miss everyone of u peeps. i love u guys so much and u guys rock my world. when im down n sick in sch, u guys r alwaes der for me. when im angry, u guys will try to talk me out of it. mani thx to all of u people cos i noe im hard to handle wif. sry for all the trouble n unhappiness i've cause all dese weeks in class.
i hope things wun change after we have split classes. wish we wil still have breakfast, lunch and outings tgt. hope we still contact each other, wish we'll remember the happy memories we gad in W46F.
i dono y i cant help but be so mad over him deleting the comment i wrote on the frenster. its the truth that I HATE HER BEING SO CONCERN ABT HIM. U HAVE UR OWN BF DEN MIND UR OWN BIZ N LEAVE MINE ALONE~!!! gals gals n more gals.. time n time agn u let it happen n affect our r/ship, u don wanna open up to me.. haven i tried to ask u things? haven i ried to wait for u to open up to me? haven i trust u all the time till todae n yet u nv did anione of dese? im totally disappointed but yet im acting lyk as if im fine everydae in sch, when i face everyone that i see everydae.. im heartbroken, im tired..
i stil believe in u that one dae u will change for me, for urself n for ur r/ship. i still believe tt tis dae will come soon. i dono hw much longer i can eva hang on to t, keeps on acting it. onli to noe that if reali der is nth gonna happen and we both be honest and open up to each other, den none of this or anithing will make us quarrle and break us up. its all in ur hands.. i wun wan to reli care much animore. cos the more i care the more it hurts n breaks my heart..


~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, July 29, 2007
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hmmm nw its veri early wed morning and its raining here.. rain brings back alot of memories for me. i rmber the times when im totally so engross in my daily lives in sch back in sec sch times, i rmber the times i had big fights wit someone, i rmber the happy sweet memories i have spent with all my frenz and love ones.. but come to tink of it.. whr will all dese memories go when a person passed on?

tis wek no fball.. court being taken up. rehersal for warcry i din go.. cos work in class has to be done. looking forward for skools trg on fri.. other den that i don wanna noe or even tink abt it.. sch is boring as eva.. ppl are seriously changing and that i hate it abundon of it. damn man..

i wish i was reli a princess.. ur princess that u will love me, dote me.. but its ok even if der is no1 ard cos i can still be a princess. tired abt eating at times esp at nite lyk dono wad to eat lorh.. been eating fast food quite alot la.. haha yet in the afternon im a total monster.. eat non stop can~! eat proper food plus waffles plus smll bites.. OMG~!!!! REENA IS TERRIBLE>> SHE"S GONNA GROW SO FAT ARHG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but nvm.. i don care even if im gaining weight lorh..

well its gonna be end of the 1st semster soon.. lyk so fast lor 16weeks gone in the flash of light. competitions drawing nearer and im kinda worn out by all the injuries even b4 it started. tired of all the monster PT .. haiz.. im just simply plain tired.. almost everydae slps in class while ppl present.. WTH LARH REENA~!!!!

aniwae wish tml morning will be a gd dae.. cos a brand smile welcomes a bran new dae.. *yawns...* off i go nw.. peace out to the loveliest piece of land that i slp in and breathe safely in..

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, July 25, 2007
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Monday, July 23, 2007

hmmm... wah lyk mani daes nv blog. but wadeva la haven had the time to blog lor.. last week we had frenly wit the NP gals and yup they ure came down prepared wit so mani gals even their graduates.. ahaha.. they lyk have 4 lines i tink while we have 3lines. but overall the game was gd and we won 11-4. and den sham did it again~!!! ahahahahahaha

fri ahah.. cudn't remember wad i did except for school.. oh ya fri wasn't a gd dae to start a new group for enterprised.. sucks. but wadeva lor so no wonder i din wanna remember.

the rest of my weekend was nowhere fun nor gd.. especially sat. ytd went watch game at 8. haha b4 tt went eat wit alfee n gang. delifrance heheh was great!!! yummy yum. rp's game was reli exciting and they drew the game at the last min 5-5 the final score.. wae to go guys~!!!

nw nw nw.. im in class todae and the faci is damn boring.. its another faci here todae and he kept talking to himself in class.. and so mani ppl din come todae so yup boring again~! but nvm its a go dae to slp in class.. lessons todae is RELI RELI BORING~!!!!! *yawns*

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, July 23, 2007
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hmmm its a cold weather today and its irritating that i cant be at home slping.. damn shit!

nvm.. so many thing gg thru my head (my game todae, the upcoming 3 on 3, polite, skools trg, rp trgs, family, r/s with people and mani mani) wth is gg on with my life man.. seems lyk im alwaes this busy lah.. haiz

but wadeva larh.. i juz don wanna tink and announce that i give up! i don wanna tink animore. the more i tink the more troubled (fan) i am and the more i sae the more it sounds wrong. so yup i will be gg to the extreme. i can care less now if i eva hurt anione. cos this is the reality. a harsh place to stay and live in. eveyone bitch abt everyone.

tired abt being me.. maybe wad i am back den was happier.. i wanna be the old me..

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, July 18, 2007
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

so many things had happened in 3daes and i just dono how to explain.. so don bother to explain and that sometimes i felt that im lyk suffocating and i nid to breathe reali hard.. and also this week have brag games.. haha ytd went n be tempmatch sec for the game and have to sae SEG is DAMN DAMN POWER AND HARD TO BEAT.. hehe watched the other teams played against them and hope we SHL will beat them.. hehe

as for todae we SHL won our first game.. hehe~!!! yay and tml finals hope we win too and win the brag game.. may SHL win.. LOL

hmmm.. der is someone who tells me this: "its sometimes better to be frenz and maintain the kind of lyking feelings for each other den be couples and be unhappy with each other" well i totally agree with the person.. a man and a woman do nt nid to be lovers to have gd memories.. sometimes being frenz is just or even better isn't it?

well i guess its something to ponder about...

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, July 17, 2007
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

nice fireworks.. went watch wit my classmates.. nice outing.. im tired alr.. so wun blog animore will stop here..

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, July 15, 2007
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I nid to let go and control myself from hurting he.. she is so idiot, childish and the worst is she thinks she's so damn pretty and she have a bf? OMG~!! which fellow eyes have prob man.. aniwae i wanna thank my classmates for stopping me from hurting her. i cant care less abt her but she reli hit my limits.. been trying to help her in presentation yet she sae me al those tings.. damn shyt U POWER RANGER BELIEVER~!! HOW STUPID OF U TO BELIEVE AND BE SO NAIVE AND YET TURN ROUND AND SCOLD EVERYONE IN THE CLASS?!

its true that in 1's life that we have 1 or 2 true frenz that reli are true to u, be der for u and reli helps u listens to u. im fortunate am i? hehe ya i think so ba.. there are mani frenz in our lives but true frenz are hard to come by. we have to catch and treasure dem all our lives.. keep them and be thankful. you noe who u people are.. thx for being der for me.. :)

hmmm.. pretty hungry nw.. but gt nth to eat.. i so ke lian (poor thing) ahaha.. but aniwae i'll juz not eat and go slp.. hehe tot of gg out though nw..

~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, July 14, 2007
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

i gt nth to blog n gt nth to sae onli tt haha i din go sch todae and i slept till 230PM hehe.. shiok.. heard alot of ppl din go sch also todae. so yup i went trg at nite den went dinner wit some mates.. hehe thx for the company and dinner as usual mac haha.. its alwaes nice to hav the company if not dinner for me alone will be veri lonely.. lyk i tk bus so lonely lor. hehe

tml gt test agn.. but communication gt no 6p cant study so yup cant reli be bothered. nw gg to slp soon.. gd nite the world.

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, July 12, 2007
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i guess it reali doesnt matter wad others tink or looked at me, cos they do not know the reena deep inside. the different side of me where noone eva sees rather den u. everyone can comment me but not u.. cos ur the onli one whom reli noe who i am.. the real me inside.. the other side of me...

i wanna out my trust in ur hand once agn.. i've juz have to find the courage to, i noe its hard but i tried over n over agn.. i nid to learn and im still learning in tis r/ship. 2yrs and 5mths of long journey isn't reali short but its long enuf for us to noe each other so deep that at times we juz nid some space to breathe, sometimes we juz nid each others support and love, some concerns and a little bit of time tgt.. but time isn't on our side, nt now nor eva.. but i believe we can get thru all dese weathers.. as long as u put ur trust in me too, let me into ur heart don shut me out cos i wanna be the oni one to share all ur worries and woes, all ur happy times and all of ur every other things that ur gg thru.

honeymoon stage does nt exist for us animore. but yet to others they r lyk on honeymoon mood no matter how many yrs they're tgt n gone thru. i wish and envious dem.. but i noe our fate is different, so does our r/ship. so i don ask more, i oni ask for the bare minimium juz let me have some time wit u every week. even juz a dae a week its enuf for me.. i jus wanna love u, be by u thru all ur ups n downs, be the one whom u will rmb when u wake up in the morning, be the one u tink of b4 u slp at nite, be ur gal whom u will oni love..

wadeva had happened has no turning back, but i don regret cos ur wit me i noe i have u.. but do u feel the same wae too?

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, July 10, 2007
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Monday, July 09, 2007

sportsman of the year: miss hazmina
afro hazmina [PRETTY~!!!]
alien from JUPITER: BETA WEE
future sportswoman in da making: having down symdrome

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, July 09, 2007
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

its blogging time... haiz had such a bad dae.. the presentation slides i felt was a total bad.. she onli did one slide den ask her exlain the slide she do she actualli said no.. WTH~!!

hmmm todae's frenly was lyk totally diff from the first time we played with dem.. they're stronger and have bigger group nw, more gerls and i tink we all reali din do well. tink we too relac le.. hehe

i tot u would tink im impt to u.. but i guess i was naive and was wrong. i cudn't even compare to a show and all the stupidest things on earth. called u yet ur so eager to hang up. i took the initiative to sms u yet u took forver to reply. did u eva think tt u have neglected me? u don but i do. so imjus a piece of thrash, den dump it awae den.

~*stressout*~@ @ Saturday, July 07, 2007
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fate is fair to everyone.. some of us are born lucky while others unfortunate. so rich so poor, some health some sickly.. i guess it juz werks in such a manner that what one have the other will not have.

22yrs i've been thinking and alwaes blaming that why do i have to be the lyk most unlucky amongst my sister and brother. they seems to have everything they wan and ask for. i asked why do i have to be the one being "choosen" the have such i'llness.. what suck about it is that its gonna stuck to me for life. who loves to poke needles everdae lyk 4 times a dae, doc's apointmentlyk every 2-3mths?

aiyo.. i oso dono y im talking all this shyt.. maybe im jus reali tired abt the my life.. sometimes i jus wish to be someone else, to be loved by ppl whom i wish that they will share their love for me and that in the end i jus wish and kip wishing that i wanna jus end it all.. its a torture and its misery for the one who give and not having anithing back..

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, July 05, 2007
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A dedication for that someone special:

A big THANK YOU for making my life seems so complete. cos there is alwaes something missing. from a life lyk the panda, u made it yk rainbow nw. have i tell ya how much my heart felt n goes out to u.. i cant put in words how much we have been thru and all the tears, smiles and memories we shared, this is nt a neither short or long r'ship and that i wanna sae i noe ur have changed eva since u came back from this malaysia trip. i dono wad had happen that makes u a changed and matured person, but i reali appreciates the initiatives and changes that u hav made to make our r'ship better. THANKS once agn for every lil things that u have given me, all ur effort and all the lessons u have taught me in life.. love u love me...

eva tink of how can 1 survive wit 30bucks a week? well its been so long alr and im trying to survive and adapt. HARD~! but ya i will TRY VERY HARD to survive.. hehe..

lastly... TO MR B.CHEONG: hope u can reli understand this entry.. love ur princess


~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, July 04, 2007
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

omg age is catching up wit me and that im reli getting tired easily nowadaes... i can practically slps immediately when i sit down or even standing up on the bus in the morning.. hahahahaha~! trg nw juz gonna be 1,3,5... skools trg on sat and i may hav to werk.. wah sianz...

todae sch juz suck.. cos its abt distribution and im lyk lost. its science todae yet we're doing distribution of lyk money.. hmmm juz make no sense out of it. aniwae i tried very hard to understand wad was being taught in class.. but i juz don see n catch no balls. think im juz nt gd at it.

trg todae is reli reli tiring la.. so few yr1s and drills was jus lyk killing me cos of the few no. of gals turning up cos causes all of us to lyk run more den eva.. haha but ya i will juz tk it as jian fei lor.. mw din train todae(sick), gerri (backapin) and im all bruised.. ankle bit swollen.. aiyo.. den game time we played 0k but nt gd enuf hahah den shannon played la.. she's gd i hav to sae for her age and she can do cheeky pass and she scored.. haha joreen was saeing we purposely let her shoot.. well have to rite.. she onli 8 so skinny somemore if i defend her lyk hw i usually do tink she will injured lor.. hehe

well maths UT tml at 9.. tink im gonna screwed up for it once agn.. the previous grade was lyk C+ so ya hope i get the same or better grades this time round [but i tink i can onli dream abt it] hahahah alrite gtg nw.. i miss my bf alot.. he been reli busy and i jus wanna sae if anitime u nid a shoulder to rest on.. u have mine. loads of love dear..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, July 03, 2007
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

hmmm shall sart off with todae's entry.. sat 9am trg at RP. more ppl came todae but lyk the owls did not lyk turn up agn.. din do well todae during the skools trg, den was frenly with the SIM guys.. they pretty hardcore and i FELL 3 TIMES LAH~! all 3 time the same fat guy.. its lyk OMG n WTH!!!! now my knee lyk damn painful. went get my sandals n head hm.. bathe go hav dinner. dinner was great!!!

fri's module was enterprise.. my team mate is a idiot. ahe simply listens to her music, kips typing nonstop n when ppl ask her "anithing to add on yi xuan?" she simply shut up. den during presentation she simply skip the entire forst pt n jumped to the 2nd point. den after skul she actually switched off MY SWITCH~!!! what a bitch~

fridae after lessons i go meet my dearest for movie. watched transformers.. i have to sae 2 thumbs up and wad a show~ i simply loved it.. must watch man peeps.. alrite i wanna go slp already.. dead tired from running n falling down for the entire dae.. nites and lites out.. peace :D @-->--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US --<--@


~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, July 01, 2007
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