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Sunday, September 30, 2007

To This wonderful relationship:

Thru rain and storm, we ride and stomp. hand in hand, tgt we stand. the relationship we had, actually wasn't that bad. right nw all we nid is to continue and ride to the end.
went see doc, den met my him at tamp starhub to clear some stuff. den was lunch yummy yummy wit lil bits following tt. we went out to celebrate our special dae and guess wad? we saw these 2 cute lil hamsters at the pet shop. hahah.. totally adorable and dear jus cant stop making fun of it and it jus keeps falling over on their heads.. hehe.. rabbits and bunnies super cute too.
food reali IS the thing that makes both of us so happy and competible i tink. hahahah.. cos after we ate, we still go round looking for more food when we suppose to go find whr chun ann is werking.. in the end we're so engross in finding how much each restuarant hav set for the food and what each shop sells.. lol..
we walked ard.. looking for nice clothes and bags.. den we went for waffle at this veri lil yet nice cosy place at suntec city. the waffle der is great wit ice creams and the ppl der is so sweet, fun and warm.. hmmm i will definately go back der.. =) tink my deary also feel tis wae.. we'll go back..
wad is the most amazing thing that will end of date is that lil black 4 mths old terrier doggy.. hahahahaha.. i have to sae its TOTALLY CUTE CAN~!!! we also wanna have one as our own.. jus imagine its short lil legs running ard and chasing ppl ard outside the shops.. haahaa.and it definately gain all the shoppers attention.. hahaha..
tml my baby have to go trg.. so ke lian.. both of us fall sick.. haiz.. he flu and cought, i fever and sore throat.. hopefully we both get well soon and be reali fit n healthy again..=)
love ya forever miss ya lots..


~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, September 30, 2007
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

argh~! i totally cannot imagine how bored and free am i to do all these pics during the whole dae in sch ytd.. well im nt in sch agn todae.. somehow jus don feel well and its raining super duper heavily todae, so it makes me even more don wanna go sch... so my bee hong darling wanna go eat den so ke lian i nt in sch to pei her den she don wan eat lor.. wth.. so skinny alr still don eat later u faint hw? so i send me buddy yan keat to pei u buy food.. hahah.. U BETTER BE EATING ALOT UNDERSTAND~!! lol
lulu came back sch ytd to find us la.. OMG.. lyk so long haven seen her and its reali a W46F class gathering.. onli short of bee hong darling, perry, vodka, kelvin. irfan sick but he came haha.. but i have to sae its reli more fun to have lu ard.. feels more complete as a class, more laughters meaning more camwhoring too!!! rooftops, guys toilets, canteen.. aniwhr n everywhr u can tink of.. we jus camwhore on n on.
but well sch was ok ytd. my entire group jus went mad abt doing n learning how to use photoshop. all the special effects to make all the pics nicer and real cool.. marilyn was reali funny hahaha.. she jus finds it fasinating abt our diff version of photoshop and wad each diff versions hav or don hav.. but hers is the latest though.. hehe she learnt real fast dude and she is a person who can do ppt lyk a breeze. hats off for her *clap clap*
reali dono wad is wrong wit my life.. seems so complex and i cant even understand.. i can onli sae tt life is so unpredictable. we can onli be anticipating the unexpected coming into our lives. some may change us totally some will destroy us.. we jus have to do our best our of all dese events. rollercoaster ride indeed, but its also an experience.


~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Don't let me go -

hahahhahaha~!!!!! to yutaki: i did not blog up ur big fat face.. onli that i place ur lil small head on the sotong u have frawn yd. hahaha though i may not be veri good at photoshop but i still manage to get ur cute fluffy head on the sotong~!!! haahaaaahhaaa...
and u us cant stop slping in class, so jus lyk u.. i cant stop taking ur photos of u slping.. but sometimes i jus wonder if u drool in ur slp. LOL~!! ur such a bitch la nv come sch todae.. tml we same group so u better get ur ass to sch and we will continue our bitching sessions, more camwhore sessions~!!!
hmmm lessons todae is easy. wun sae i will do veri well but my grp will do the presentation to our ultimate best.. haahaa.. late late late for sch todae.. but aiya.. reali so sianz and tired la.. somemore gt trg later. hw i wish i don have to go.. quitting the team seems logical nw for me (maybe cos i nid a long break from sports) but den again all have to leave it till after the polite.. so for nw its time for sch and im gg back to read our slides. cos MY PRESENTATION IS DONE ALR~!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ITS JUS 11 AM CAN~!!!


~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, September 26, 2007
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

these group mates tt rocks my week
working their hearts out
But here's the truth of our tai-zi yutaki

here is a video recorded by my classmate heiri.. have fun watching wad someone can do out of random-ness.. hehe..

p/s: prince yutaki.. my new fren tt i find him interesting and fun and a TOTAL bitch. talking to you is fun and reali awesome u noe? i reali lyk having u as my new classmate and fren. =D tis video is for u if u happen to come visit my blog.. hahahaa.. next time i will record more handsome view of u and blog it up again ok? hahaa.. i love tis video of u doing ur most random things and also seeing boya's face stoning.. LOL~!


~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, September 23, 2007
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yutaki and xiuling
welcome to my blog agn to whom ever is reading... its time to blog agn.. well well so far its the 4th dae of the start of sch. aniwae todae's sch was the best so far haha.. my grp mates are so fun la---> got ah soh (xiuling), roadsweeper (heiri), kiki (yukai aka yutaki) and zou mei (absent). thx for making my dae and also to my favourite classmates from W46F. ur guys its impossible to be replaced in my heart.
tis week is so boring.. bodyaching and trg on wed and fri. wed's trg is totally tiring la.. im feeling so easily tired and age is catching up wit me. played frenly wit titans ytd. though onli few players came but they damn good la.. emily, shumin, bin bin etc etc.. wow em is so strong la.. i kena nudge from her and i almost lost my balance.. but have to sae it is a good game played by the rp gals.
its been a tiring dae for me man.. tml is fridae but i heard the problem is damn difficult la so which means-->sianz.. alrite nw im gg to play ard wit the new photoshop in my lapy nw.. hopefullyi noe hw to use.. feeling so damn kuku-fied nw.. keke..

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, September 20, 2007
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Monday, September 17, 2007

hmmm.... its a brand new dae, mondae blues and a new semester. new classmates, new faces, new facis, new classrooms.. everyting is so new and stranger to me.. i felt so lonely, alienated and scared.. todae's module? enterprise.. my fav but its so HARD LA~!!! my god.. first time i felt so lost but nvm la, will slowly get use one.. haahaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!

breaks todae is totaly fun~!! mit up wit my beloved classmates of W46F and my god i totally missed all the moments we had together for the last semester.. well i tot W4 is lyk so dead la cos most of my classmates are all situate at W1.. but onli till todae~!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA i den noe tt there is quite a numbr of us at W4 also lor.. lyk my bitch sister saifu, the mr"chio sia" vincent, mr and miss anyting yan keat and jal, miss blur renee and my darling bee hong.. hahaha.. guess im not alone =)

lessons todae pretty tough but manage to pull thru.. understand la but jus din manage to make my presentation the wae i wan it lyk wad we use to present at W46F. guess new members have diff waes of presenting. not all seems veri enthu abt presenting but overall was still ok lor.. at least i din fall asleep. the faci? wah cannot make it~!!! his qns are all easy to understand but the answers he expects from us are lyk super CHI-MER-LO-GY lorh.. i cant even think of aniting to answer him sia.. his RJ gt lyk 2-3 parts in one question. haiz.. tink my life this semester with this faci will die lo..

i cut my hair todae.. haahaa tink i look lyk.. hmmm dono hw to sae leh but i kinda lyk it. hehe nw waiting for my darling bee hong to judge.. see if she is gonna laugh out loud tml or sae its nice.. hehe.. guess im done blogging la for todae..

my lil tots for the dae: i'll try my best to do well in sch and tt competition is jus abt amonth awae.. wad should i do? should i be still tinking or should i still give up? i dono.. im confuse.. haiz troubled mind

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, September 17, 2007
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hmmm been awae from singapore and been awae from everyone dese daes.. so im back to blog. well i don reli noe wad to blog though.. was at KL for fball trip.. 4daes 3 nite seems to pass veri fast. still rmb the first dae we're der.. the most terrible and hardest time to pass is the first trg der.. not becos of anione but is the trg ground der and the terribly hot weather. its lyk in the oven trg.. but the rets of the daes are pretty ok. ate alot der.. all sorts of food and yup bought some stuff also.

sometimes i jus nided u when im down at my lowest pt in life.. i jus nided u to jus lend me ur shoulder to cry on, nid a lil hug n console..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, September 11, 2007
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